Do I need a suitable solution for the international market? What type of subscription is right for me? What is the expected average basket? What commission or subscription system to use to amortize the cost of the PSP? How to integrate the solution on the website ?

The stake is considerable: the UK Phone Number Database List you offer various payments with answers adapted to your customers, the more you reduce your abandonment of cart. It is therefore important to be able to differentiate yourself from the competition by offering other means of payment to customers.

A customer may decide not to continue their purchase simply if they cannot find the desired payment option . And losing a sale because the Internet user cannot find a way to pay is not an imaginable situation. In a context where e-commerce is becoming more and more competitive , it is all the more necessary to make the right decisions from the outset in order to give yourself a chance to succeed. This requires asking the right questions when making the most decisive choices. And that of a payment solution is one of them!

We have therefore decided to close this file on PSPs with a selection of online payment solutions based on three main axes: the types of payment, the means of payment and the features offered.

The VAD contract: not to be confused with the PSP

A Distance Selling contract called “VAD contract”, is the contract between a merchant and his bank which allows the use of a virtual Electronic Payment Terminal (TPE), that is to say a payment gateway used to process online transactions and check the validity of the payment method.

In general, banks offer bundled offers with VAD and virtual TPE contract , but there is no legal obligation to accept these conditions. It is possible to go through specialized service providers (such as Stripe, Monext, Adyen ) who offer all-in-one solutions, by calling on your bank for a VAD contract and then on these specialist service providers for a virtual multibank TPE .


Intermediary between the company and its customers and the banks , the Internet user is automatically redirected to the payment solution server in order to obtain authorization from the bank . Despite a relatively higher cost than with a traditional bank, this solution has the advantage of offering an additional insurance service to avoid fraud and other risks.

Full-service online payment solutions without VAD A full service payment solutions works without a contract, without a subscription , only against the exchange of the payment of a commission according to the volume of transactions that this service manages for you. This is the case with Paypal.

Full-service payment solutions with VAD

You have seen a number of PSP names go by. Very quickly, you became aware of the multitude of solutions available on the market . Point-to-point comparison is almost an impossible exercise, and there is no one solution that is fundamentally better than another.

The rate may vary depending on the field of activity and the risk incurred on the transaction. Analysis of some flagship FinTech solutions. To go beyond the simple comparison, discover the top 5 online payment solutions.

Note that we have selected these platforms for their performance and their offers which we consider to be the best on the market. However, there are many other solutions that it is important to challenge when choosing a payment solution. Because in fact, it is the specificity of a project that directs towards a particular platform.

From businesses of all sizes to new start-ups and public companies, everyone uses this software to accept payments and manage their online businesses . As a payment provider, Stripe is positioned as an advantageous solution for processing credit cards, making transfers and managing subscriptions . No merchant account or gateway needed.

An alternative to the PayPal payment platform, Stripe is easy to use and implement: the verification process is smooth , and the interface is easy to understand and constantly updated.

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