What is Saas? Many companies now use this solution to secure their data and increase productivity. To put it simply, SaaS is the provision of your remote office suite. This means that you will have the possibility to use tools similar to Word or Mexico-Email-List from your web browser and from any location. zoho-web-document No computer installation Compatible with all machines (available from the browser) Ease of updating Gain in productivity (collaborative work, mobility, automatic backups, etc.) Zoho: A wide choice of applications Far from being a simple office suite, Zoho also offers many additional services.

It is possible to use chat and video conferencing tools, an agenda or even a web application editor. In addition, these applications have a rather fast and pleasant interface to use. The most famous online applications are: Zoho Invoice for easily producing quotes and invoices; Zoho Projects , a comprehensive collaborative project management tool; Zoho CRM , an online business management and monitoring software Integrating Zoho Apps with Google Apps Long committed to the independence of its applications, Zoho manages them via Manage Engine, a tool 100% designed in-house.


Zoho: A Wide Choice Of Applications

But in a vision of contextual integration, the company is moving forward with a perspective of rapid accessibility of users through Google Apps. Mainly established in North America and Japan, its arrival on the European and Asian market will not be long in coming. zoho-app-1024×280 With the integration of Zoho’s flagship applications with Google Apps, it is now possible to access them directly from Google and benefit from the synchronization of the two environments. A huge productivity gain when we know that this integration allows: Adding Google Apps Users to Zoho CRM Importing Google contacts to Zoho CRM Integrating Google Mail into Zoho CRM Exporting appointments from Zoho to Google Calendar The CEO of Zoho has a simple but effective vision.


With around ten people in his team, based in Silicon Valley, but ensuring most of its developments in India, he recommends adopting small structures and thus keeping them even at a more advanced level of development. Moreover, Zoho only has about ten units at its American head office, while in India, nearly a thousand engineers work together for the growth of the company. Zoho also stands out for its unique design in software. Considering virtualization as a factor of slowness, it preferred to keep only useful functions; linux, java, python… Its applications, accessible online after simplified subscription formalities, appeal to SMEs by their profitability compared to licensed software.


Integrating Zoho Apps With Google Apps

The operating system barrier is also bypassed because the offers are universal and adaptable to any computer. The agency ID Interactive (publisher of the blog) uses the Zoho Invoice and Zoho Projetcs applications for its own account within the Google Apps environment. The agency offers support for companies who plan to use the application solutions in Cloud Computing mode offered by the Indian publisher. A web marketing agency will know how to define the strategies to be implemented so that you captivate your prospects. It should also be noted that the purpose of the cocoons is rather to convert the Internet user into a customer or to push him to achieve something.

While browsing, it will therefore be necessary to ensure that it is naturally led to a page that will encourage it to take action. The conversion rate, essential to determine if your site is a seller The conversion rate reflects the number of Internet users who have turned into buyers. A successful cocoon results in a high conversion rate. This means that your content lives up to their expectations and that they have complete confidence in your services. As the number of customers grows, you will increase your turnover as well.

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