Last week, the BBC published an Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List  in which more than 250 channels are accused of promoting the EduBirdie site, a Ukrainian company that sells university essays to students around the world. 1,400 videos for more than 700 million views BBC research revealed that these YouTube channels were receiving money in exchange for these promotional videos. The platform reacted very quickly and removed all the offending channels. Obviously, the EduBirdie company has refrained from selling already written essays but from providing “research elements for the subjects, generating a starting point” for the students, which some videographers

have sold as an effective means of plagiarizing writings. . In all, the BBC counts more than 1,400 videos produced for the promotion of EduBirdie, accumulating more than 700 million views. The videographers, some as young as 12, were reportedly paid for these services. YouTube removes all offending videos Following the BBC’s investigation, YouTube notified influencers that it would remove videos that did not comply with its policy. According to the BBC, paid homework writing services are not per se illegal, but YouTube says that while creators can include paid ads in their videos

1,400 Videos For More Than 700 Million Views

they can only do so if that promotion complies with its policies. However, the promotion of “academic assistants”, defined as testing and writing services for academic documents, is prohibited. YouTube has therefore taken the necessary measures resulting in the deletion of many videos. The BBC said some channels had removed more than 100 of the videos.. In this way, OCTO lifts the veil on the culture of the company. The candidates have a concrete insight into the group’s philosophy and know their working environment. Very often, this factor remains unknown or very unclear until the day when the candidate finally sets foot in the company, once he has been hired.



y offering candidates the opportunity to draw their profile, communicate their motivations in a fun way or by meeting employees, OCTO Technology manages to do well. “If we manage to stand out with an innovative and original recruitment process compared to what is happening elsewhere is just a bonus for us. This allows us to share a great experience with our candidates. ” OCTO Technology also has very good feedback on these experiences. “Even when the candidate is not selected, he still tells us that he had a very good interview and that he learned a lot of things, even that he comes out grown. »Océane Poiron wrote a first feedback , one year after the implementation of these methods.

Youtube Removes All Offending Videos

BWhen we look at digitization, the distribution sector is one of the richest. From logistics to traceability through the effective distribution of products, many stages can be impacted by digital innovations. This is particularly the case at Carrefour, which has implemented numerous projects to help make quality food available at a reasonable price everywhere. An application to pay for shopping with your Android mobile The French group relies on digital technology to facilitate in-store payment. It is surely the most visible innovation for consumers. They can download the Carrefour & Moi application to pay for their purchases with their phone, in all 3,000 Carrefour stores.

Prerequisites: have a Carrefour Pass payment card or a C-Zam account, offered by Carrefour Banque. Then payments are made using NFC technology. The loyalty card is integrated, the benefits are taken into account and the coupons are automatically applied. Carrefour is also active behind the scenes and revolutionizing food traceability. For the sake of transparency and traceability of the products distributed, the group has deployed a blockchain, starting with free-range chickens in Auvergne. A collaborative and by nature tamper-proof database is fed at each key moment in production, until it arrives at the store. Consumers can consult, via a QR Code,

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