Relevance The title must be relevant to the content on the page, otherwise your bounce rate will be high (i.e. the percentage of visitors who leave or “bounce” to your site after viewing only one page). Not only can an inaccurate title damage your brand image, but a high bounce rate can cause search engines to penalize your site, push it further down in search results or obscure it entirely. Branding: Add your brand name at the end of the title to increase brand awareness.

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If you build brand awareness, it may drive more visitors to your website. Never use “keyword content”: Don’t overload your title with repetitive or excessive keywords. It looks rubbish and may lead to Turkey Phone Number search engine blacklisting. This collection page title from REI is a good example of a title. It starts with high-value keywords, followed by other related keywords to attract your audience. REI has built solid brand awareness, so including the company name in the title may drive additional qualified traffic. favorite page title People often search for products by unique product features .

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Collection pages are a great opportunity to capitalize on these search terms and drive organic traffic to pages. That showcase multiple items that match unique product features . For example, if a user is searching for a new watch, they may be looking for. A unique product feature such as rose gold. But online retailers can have a plethora of products with this unique product feature. Instead of trying to guess which products your customers like the most, collection pages showcase multiple products that match your customers’ search terms. product page title.

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