B2G marketing has actually only been around since the 90s. The very first TV commercial in the world showing L&G couples came from our own Amev and dates bA comes to the US with the famous “ Dining room table ” advertisement. The latter is often referred to as a world first, but I Sales Directors Email Lists think that’s because Americans don’t really look across the border, but their vision is often adopted by people ‘over the border’. Anyway, back to the point. So it was Amev.

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Marketing the rainbow

By the way, there are different ways in which you can focus on the rainbow with your marketing:

  • mentioned and therefore whether or not to belong. The same goes for the use of the rainbow flag: there are now more than 15 types of flags that represent all kinds of subgroups. The only real one, in my opinion, is the 6-colorelut have remained a loyal ally ever since. That’s commendable. About $100 million has since been spent on relevant sponsorship, marketing and advertisingThe B2G phenomenon has meanwhile become a trend. Especially in the Pride Month (June, you can’t have missed it) not only are countless logos and favicons decorated with a rainbow, but many companies also release Pride capsules . This mainly concerns fashion branbut not well thought out – and they thought so too afterwards .

    A good example is Lego: the image at the top of this page shows the set “ Everyone Is Awesome ” that they released last year. The LEGO Group did not specify how much money from this set was donated to LGBT+ charities – beyond the usual 25% to the LEGO Foundation. But the company has partnered with Workplace Pride, Stonewall and Open for Business, and supports UK charity Diversity Role Models .

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    Then it’s really not about convincing the ladies to buy those swimming trunks for their men! Brands like Versace, Armani but also Bikkembergs do this very strongly. A kind of B2G in disguise .

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