Vou are on the page web 1 . V ou click paging to access the page 2 . Your browser sends an HTTP message ( a request ) to the server , such as “Give me page 2” . The server e it sends a message HTTP return a response : “This is the page that you have requested.” We will not go into technical details here, but be aware that the PSR-7 describes how to present H TTP messages in the code. PSR, the false good idea? Not all of the PHP FIG recommendations have had the same success. Some have caused a lot of ink to flow and not always for the right reasons …

The PSR-7 itself opened Guatemala Phone Numbers List debate. As a reminder, the PSR-7 called HTTP message interfaces defines a common way of conceiving HTTP messages. Many projects under Symfony, Drupal 8 or even Laravel use the Request and Response classes offered by Symfony via the Http Foundation component . However, the PSR-7 and Http Foundation differ fundamentally , notably in that the PSR-7 messages are immutable while the mutability is in the DNA of Http Foundation …

It may be a little technical but just note that PSR -7 a defines a standard which is based on the reverse of what is planned by Symfony, at least on this point. It is therefore difficult for Symfony to align with the rules defined by the PSR-7 since it relies entirely on this Http Foundation component . You will understand that Symfony was somewhat “forced” to create a library to convert Request and Response objects to a version compatible with PSR-7. However, we believed that the PHP-FIG did not want to impose anything on anyone, right?

Which Then Provides A Response Http

This is only an example of course and each developer has their opinion on the matter. The PSR validation cycle or how a recommendation becomes a PSR? The working group , fairly representative of the PHP ecosystem , issues recommendations (the famous PSRs) which follow a series of steps before being validated (or not validated for that matter ! ) :


Draft : they determine if the majority of PHP FIG speakers are interested in the proposed idea and discuss a possible proposal, including possible implementations. psr-standards-programming-php Draft : they study , discusses nt , refines nt the proposed concept so they can be examined by the Committee Central of FIG. The review : this is the experimentation phase ! They tested nt then the concept . Accepted : the proposal officially becomes a PSR Deprecated : A deprecated PSR is an obsolete PSR. It was approved but is no longer considered relevant. ISP impaired are in fact often replaced s by most current PSR.

This is the case, for example, of the PSR – 2, replaced by the PS R- 12 (we come back to this a little later …) Abandoned : a PSR not used and finally abandoned You now understand what PSR standards are , at least I hope so ! I have only touched on the most famous but you can find them all on the FIG website . The PHP-FIG has given itself the complicated mission of bringing together the existing communities of the PHP ecosystem.

Which Are Sent To A Web Server

If the group has had several successes, there have also been failures which have even pushed some members to leave the movement … These recommendations are the subject of debate in the PHP community . Should we use them or not? Everyone has their own opinion and , as I indicated to you above, everyone is free to apply it or not. The approach is all in all interesting because it has the merit of tending towards the harmonization of development methods !

The method for conducting user tests A user testing session cannot be improvised: it requires a great deal of preparation. We have detailed here the best practices to follow in order to pass user tests. In particular, you should pay particular attention to recruiting participants . The best way is to base yourself on your personas. When it comes to the process, choose the host carefully! He guarantees the smooth running of user tests. You can conduct two types of tests:

Do you want to run user tests? Watch the replay of our webinar ” How to pass user tests? ” In terms of user experience , it is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve excellence. Despite everything, many methods and techniques can approach it. But that implies knowing your users in order to be able to anticipate their needs. UX being a user-centric design approach , your choices must be focused exclusively on your target. The term “UX design” can be confusing.

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