The historic online photo storage New Zealand WhatsApp Number List  Flickr, has just been sold by Yahoo! to SmugMug, which has already been providing cloud photo storage services for over 15 years. This merger makes the 2 competitors an even more essential new player in the sector. SmugMug claims that for now the two actors will continue to live separately, no unification is planned at this time. Flickr was acquired in 2005 by Yahoo! for $ 35 million. The reunification of these two pioneering actors will create the largest online community dedicated to photography. If you have photos stored on one of the two platforms, this redemption therefore has no effect. If you hesitate between the two services,

Flickr remains an excellent entry point into online storage, especially through its free plans. The old Yahoo! indeed offers 1TB of storage completely free. A paid plan ($ 5.99) gives you access to advanced analytics and an auto-upload tool on desktop, as well as Adobe Creative Cloud discounts. SmugMug does not offer free plans, the offer starts at $ 3.99 monthly. This plan gives access to a personalized site to upload photos, as well as unlimited storage space. The service offers much more control over its content than Flickr, including an emphasis on monetization. After the takeover of Yahoo! by Verizon, this sale of Flickr clearly shows the desire to separate from certain services deemed non-strategic by the American giant.

Flickr Remains An Excellent Entry Point

Do you work in digital in Paris? Are you looking for opportunities and are you mobile? The Rush to the West should interest you. 18 startups, represented by their CEOs, invite you to meet them on May 31 at EP7, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. More than 500 positions are to be filled immediately in the ecosystem, whether in Rennes, Nantes, Brest, Angers or Saint-Nazaire. To find out more about this event, we interviewed its organizers. You organize the Rush to the West. What does the event consist of? This event was created to highlight the dynamism of the digital sector in the metropolises of the West. Our goal is to bring a selection of nuggets from our territories to meet digital professionals


stationed in Paris to encourage them to pursue their careers in Angers, Brest, Nantes, Rennes or Saint-Nazaire, in rapidly developing structures. , all in a privileged living environment. Beyond that, the objective is therefore also to make known to the Parisian digital world our territories and their many assets. How were the 18 participating startups chosen? These are companies of different sizes but all undergoing strong development, representative of our French Tech ecosystems. They are currently looking for qualified profiles for strategic positions to be filled at 6 months. What types of profiles are sought to participate in the event? What types of positions are offered?

What Is The Interest For These Western

The profiles sought are confirmed or high potential profiles. The positions offered are those that any startup needs to support its development, namely developers (front, back, full stack, etc.), senior executives, business developers, data scientists, etc. How will the exchanges take place with the CEOs present? We wanted to create a relaxed event, afterwork atmosphere, which facilitates discussions. This is an opportunity to create a network in the West, not a job dating. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with the CEOs present directly during meeting sessions organized during the first part of the evening, but also informally during the cocktail party.

What is the interest for these Western startups in attracting Parisian profiles? Their goal is to find qualified profiles, the best profiles. Those who will bring them their experience and support them in the development of their projects, because for certain profiles, the demand is greater than the supply. There are great career opportunities in our cities and startups want it to be known. Conversely, what is the interest of Parisian profiles in wanting to continue their career in the West? Our cities are all ranked among the most pleasant nationally.

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