Finding new ways to use your customers’ language keywords is the cornerstone of a successful SEO strategy, so it’s important to understand what keywords your SEO competitors are targeting and how they’re integrating them into their product and collection pages. Not only can you discover some valuable content to gain insight into how your target audience searches for products, it’s a great opportunity to see how other businesses are optimizing their pages. Are the keywords relevant to the product description? Do they highlight any trends in people searching for products? Don’t stop at your competitors’ keyword optimization strategies.

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Check out the keywords your competitors are targeting in their paid campaigns to get ideas for creating traffic-generating content around those topics. After all, if a competitor is investing in PPC advertising. The Honduras Phone Number they’re targeting may have value. By creating relevant, high-quality content around these topics, you can drive more visitors to your website through organic search. Brainstorming Better Content Ideas Want to build great content. That drives visitors to your site, but not sure where to start?

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Look to your competitors for inspiration. Checking out competitor content can be the perfect way to kickstart your creative process. Whether you’ve been planning a regular release for years or are just getting started with content. Marketing, coming up with fresh, relevant ideas on a consistent basis can be tricky. Consider these questions: Are they missing something or missing something? Interesting angle? Is there a way to repackage this idea in a different format – think books, micro-videos, how-to’s, etc.? How can you take their ideas and do better?

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