to make your choice! Who hasn’t heard of WordPress or Drupal? You have probably already used these CMS in your projects or read articles about them (isn’t that the case now, when you think about it?). If you hesitate between these two CMS, this article gives you some analysis keys to make the best possible choice. Some project managers / developers / webmasters … will tell you that WordPress is the most successful CMS , that it can do everything …

Even coffee! And others will Belarus Phone Numbers List you the same … for Drupal … WordPress and Drupal are two CMSs each in their twenties. Their ecosystem is mature, with many extensions and they are used by millions of sites around the world. If you want to set up a website with one of these two CMS , we suggest you deepen your knowledge of them. Reminder: who have WordPress and Drupal CMS? WordPress came into being in 2003 while Drupal was created in 2001.

We learn more about the history of Drupal in this article. E n twenty years, both CMS (Content Management Sy s tem) have established themselves in front of other content management technologies . Today, the world of CMS (PHP) revolves around these so lutions headlights, Drupal and WordPress . These solutions are under open source license , they are freely downloadable, modifiable and executable by all . They are based on the programming language PHP and are attached to companies :

Do You Have A Web Project And You Hesitate

Acquia for Drupal and Automattic for WordPress . It s companies without being “proprietary” solutions influence strongly the strategy developmen t and the roadmap of each project. For Automattic, many voices are raised in the community to warn of this influence. WordPress and Drupal, which is better? U do first comparison between Drupal and WordPress is based on the market share of each. Moreover, it is one of the first key arguments of WordPress aficionados .


In well-known fallacy, supporters say Wordress ” WordPres s represents ¾ of market CMS !, It demonstrates its superiority.” ? Graph representing the evolution of market shares by CMS Source: It’s true. The other CMS are very far behind. As we can see from the chart above, Joomla finds himself second on the market illuminated canvases s that Drupal is third. But does this argument for WordPress is completely valid?

WordPress is accessible and easy to install . It is possible to manipulate WordPress , even if we are not developers . In a single click , it is possible to use WordPress .o rg and to launch a website. And it is certain that the Drupal CMS is more difficult to use if we are not developers . The handling of the tool is more complicated . Therefore, the distribution of the tool is m anoint important. This is why this argument is not entirely valid, because the two CMS are based on different market segments .

Between WordPress And Drupal?

This simple market share analysis does not allow us to say that WordPress is better than Drupal , because the positions are not the same . It’s like we’re comparing Gucci shoes to Adidas shoes . I here is no better products , because the art market segments are different. 63% of the market is occupied by WordPres s . However, this percentage does not mean that 63% of the sites on the internet use WordPress . Indeed, in the world of the web, almost half of websites do not use CMS in general.

Which leads us to say that WordPress holds a market share of 37% according to the eponymous site ( c e the rest , however, considerable!) . What types of site can we create with WordPress or Drupal? Create a blog with WordPress or Drupal WordPress and Drupal were created to be pretty straightforward blog or site managers. WordPress and Drupal work well in blog contexts .

WordPress is particularly so, given its ease of use. Make an institutional site or a showcase site with WordPress or Drupal Regarding the logic of showcase sites or institutional sites , WordPress and Drupal are both exploitable. Have an E-commerce site project with WordPress or Drupal In the case of an E-commerce project , two dedicated modules exist: Drupal Commerce and WooCommerce . WooCommerce is a packaged solution, that is to say it is installable in a few clicks .

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