Developers of mobile applications Singapore WhatsApp Number List  more advanced tools. But sometimes they go a little too far. Gossip, Secret, Reporty … We can no longer count the applications that have been controversial in recent months. These days, it’s Chatwatch’s turn to be talked about. The app allows you to spy on your contacts on WhatsApp – even if they hide the “Seen to” in their privacy settings. The app is available on Android; it was also available on the App Store, but Apple finally decided to remove Chatwatch from its app store … Seen at: information that is difficult to hide on WhatsApp Chatwatch relies on a little-known feature of messaging. Although it is possible to hide your Online / Offline status from your contacts, the information is still technically available ( but to access it you need to know a little about it ).

Easily spy on your contacts on WhatsApp Chatwatch simply allows anyone to access the Online / Disconnected status of all their contacts, whether this data is hidden or not. And the application goes further: it regularly checks the status and saves this information to let you know – in short – when your contacts get up, when they fall asleep… and even when they are chatting together. The application is indeed able to identify simultaneous connections, by comparing the data of two contacts, and thus calculate the probability that these people were chatting at a particular time. The application is hardly recommendable, especially because the vast majority of its features are paid (in case, it is here on the Play Store ). And although it only facilitates access to technically accessible data,

Seen At: Information That Is Difficult To Hide On Whatsapp

WhatsApp could quickly address the problem and completely deactivate the “Seen at” function when the user wants it. Because for the moment, everything has obviously not been implemented to respect the privacy of users October 2017: Facebook Live Producer: an advanced production tool, integrated into the social network The firm is currently testing a new video production tool, which is supposed to give more flexibility during live shows. Directly based online, “Live Producer” is a tool that should allow its users to control images from multiple cameras during a stream. October 2017: Organic posts soon to be excluded from the news feed? Facebook may be making a historic decision, which would wipe out the free visibility of Facebook pages.


October 2017: Facebook launches a press subscription service via Instant Articles Facebook will be launching a press registration service for readers via Instant Articles from today. October 2017: Facebook Live: share your screen without using Open Broadcaster Software You will soon no longer have to go through OBS to share your screen: Facebook is in the process of integrating a native screen sharing feature into Facebook Live. October 2017: Stories being deployed for all Facebook pages Did you dream of it? Stories arrive on (all) Facebook pages. No one is quite sure what they are for, but you can still make them for your brand. October 2017: 16 Facebook Live tips to optimize your live videos To help you better control the service and thus optimize your videos, here is a list of tips to follow when performing live via your smartphone or computer.

Easily Spy On Your Contacts On Whatsapp

October 2017: Facebook contextualizes links to fight against fake news The social network announces a novelty as part of the fight against fake news. Users will access additional information, allowing them to assess the relevance of links on Facebook. October 2017: New emojis on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp New emojis are appearing on Messenger and WhatsApp. September 2017: Facebook certification: how to get a verified page? (blue badge or gray badge) This guide allows you to verify your profile or page. Facebook Pages can get two types of badges (blue or gray), while profiles can only get the blue badge. September 2017: Facebook Ads: launch of the “Messages” objective to target Messenger users This objective allows advertisers to generate leads, open conversations, answer questions, provide support

all this via Facebook Messenger. September 2017: Facebook Ads: a new format to target physical store visitors This format allows you to target visitors to your own store, or visitors to a competing store. Thanks to these advertisements, it will be possible to imagine interesting integrations in terms of web-to-store advertisements. September 2017: A “Snooze” button to temporarily hide friends or pages Facebook could launch a “Snooze” button to temporarily hide content, and thus stop following friends, pages, groups for a few hours or days. September 2017: Facebook finally merges the Power Editor and the Ads Manager Facebook announces the deployment of a new Ads Manager interface which will integrate the Power Editor. September 2017


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