This expression takes on its full meaning here. Image is recognized as more engaging than plain text. In a digital environment saturated with information, it is important to think about an image strategy. Today, images are arguably one of the most adored and consumed content. We find it everywhere and all the time. The image is even assigned a full-fledged strategy that is picture marketing , but not only … Generate interest using visuals in your content strategy Only 10 to 20% of Internet users read all blog posts! As we saw in the article

“The tools for writing Bolivia Phone Numbers List on the web” , it is necessary to use clear language when addressing your readers. But have you thought about the picture ? In particular to infographics which allow them to capture their attention more with the help of data design and colors? In recent years, we have been moving towards more dynamic and interactive content.

This is why the images, but also the videos, are appreciated! Did you know that video is the type of content that generates the most engagement? Supporting evidence: 82% of Internet traffic will be attributed to video by 2021; 91% of buyers have a preference for the video format; 71% of BtoB marketing professionals used video content in their strategy in 2019. The effectiveness of videos also depends on their ability to tell a story, that is, the attribution given to storytelling .

As We All Know, The Image Is Recognized

In addition, it is possible to find storytelling in blog articles or on social networks . Picture marketing: social media marketing Social networks can have several forms of use such as the visibility of oneself or third-party content such as photos, videos, etc. For several years now, we have heard the term picture marketing . This term refers to the increasing use of images or visuals in the field of digital marketing , particularly in the marketing use made of social networks.


The image is seen as more effective and promotes engagement. It is at the heart of social networks . The marketing picture is found on all social networks (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, …). It mixes different types of content like image, text and video . We no longer mention Pinterest and Instagram who are the professionals in this area … You should know that in 2015 already, 86% of global brands were present on Instagram. Every sector is concerned .

In an interview conducted by Flavien Chantrel , responsible social media and web content, Franck Jamet explained that French companies have long underestimated the power of photography in the favoring of branding . We wrote an article on the importance of a Brand Content strategy . Users are fond of images because they facilitate rapid understanding and memorization in the visual messages delivered. The image fascinates, attracts attention and is easily shared on social networks.

As More Engaging Than The Plain Text

Drupal is therefore what is called a CMF (C ontent Management Framework) . This is not aCMS which produces content, but from a tool which manages your content repository and which can then be dispatched on many different channels (mobile application, E-commerce site, website …). For W ordPress , we remain on an “all in one” approach and in perpetual search for simplicity. Today, one of the questions the community is asking is the impact and the pervasive influence of Au tomaticc , the WordPress publisher .

A utomaticc tends to buy all the modules that make WordPress so rich and dynamic. As a result, WordPress.c om is getting more and more influential, which can even get worrisome. These redemptions aim to enrich the functionality of WordPress. But is it the envy of the WordPress community ? Not to mention the Gutenberg case which shows the omnipresence of Matthew Mullenweg, one of the creators of WordPress .

It will no doubt be difficult to tell the difference between – for professionals, offering a more complete experience – and – for beginners and amateurs – in a few years. Nevertheless, W ordPress is aware of security issues and implements automatic updates. or, how to tell the difference? Source: In short, which CMS to choose between WordPress and Drupal? Choose WordPress, if you have:

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