2018 marked the approach of my 30 Russian Federation Email List  years of professional career, and 10 years of the intense and exciting MV Group adventure , 10 years of hyper-sustained growth. During all these years, I have worked, a lot (really a lot), fast, faster and faster, I’m so addicted to optimizing work methods. But I had to realize, I was tired . Oh, nothing serious, and that corresponds to the fatigue that anyone can experience, but for me it is definitely an amplifying element. As much when I am well, I release a positive energy, which drives everyone forward, as tired or stressed, it is bad energy.

Over the years, I had become a “validation machine (or not)”, without even having the opportunity to ask myself more than a few minutes on the subjects. It is true that I like to go quickly, very quickly even, there I was served. I was stalled from meetings, I needed the answers immediately, immediately. Sometimes, I even had several meetings on horseback, at the same time (the whole group has access to my calendar but not everyone is looking at the availability of the guests). Go from one meeting to another, without breathing space, switch from one subject to another, without having the time to fully immerse yourself in it and yet decide immediately to make the decision .

The Passage To The Act

It happened to me more more often than not, after a little “settling” (often in the car), I call back in order to ultimately change the decisions, because I had taken the time to think about it. At the same time, the small Mediaveille agency had become MV Group . Alone or almost alone to decide, decisions were now made by eight; we had to rethink our organization, and my personal functioning. No time to read this article? Discover the summary in video! 2018 was an exciting year, like all the others, but I realized that I was no longer in control of my schedule, nor my highlights of speaking with the teams. It was becoming difficult to set a date for the Codir. Two things were triggers for me: I am fortunate to have loyal, honest Codir members with whom we know each other perfectly,


which allows us to say things to each other, even the strongest. Lina Poizeau , Group Human Capital Director and Yohann Delahaye, CEO of Mediaveille, have been able to tell me that for the past few weeks, I have not been generating good energy I’m a member of the APM network, and in December 2018 we had a brain day. The brain of urgency and that of reasoning I didn’t need more to realize that I had only been activating my emergency brain for some time. The change is now  December 2018, while I’m on vacation at home (vacations have always been great advisers for me), I take the time to lay down… on myself. Did I enjoy my year? Did I have fun?

January 11, 2019 Is The New Beginning

Do I see myself continuing like this for another 15 years? The answer is no. Not that I’m not having a blast, but as the years go by, I’m not going to stick to this crazy pace, and it’s not the best for me, for my teams, for the group, and suddenly for our long-term customers. I have to change things, I have to gain height (from the top of my 72 meter), but to do this; I have to take more time. I analyze things: My Codir is efficient and autonomous, they almost always make the right decisions that I only validate or adjust at the margin. We have been used to working together for 10, 15 or even 20 years. The company is growing, all employees need to gain skills and autonomy. Management by absenc

this is one of the points that is often neglected in companies and yet I find it extremely powerful. Who has not known the sudden absence of a quality employee whose absence we feared and finally his colleagues roll up their sleeves, go out of their comfort zone by obligation and manage perfectly? The absence allowed them to realize their potential which they underestimated. Entrepreneurship also means having a certain form of freedom , not totally of course, but on certain points, we have the cards in our hands. I have always liked to live different experiences, to think outside the box, not to think like the others, to live unique things. What if the time had come for a little break?


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