The blog is the ideal tool for publishing targeted content as part of your content marketing strategy. We can compare the blog to your logbook on the web, dedicated to communication and showcasing your company’s expertise. In this space, you can present the latest news from your company or your sector of activity. Creating a blog allows you to Ireland Email List efficiency, confidence in your brand, with the aim of increasing visibility and qualified traffic thanks to this content marketing strategy. Businesses using blogging saw a 126% increase in lead generation. In this article, we explain why it is interesting to create a business blog on your website and some tips that will make your blog a real vector of qualified traffic for the growth of your business.

The interests of creating a business blog? REINFORCEMENT FOR YOUR SEO STRATEGY TO INCREASE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE Creating a blog with content optimized for SEO will allow you to improve the positioning of your website on search engines. A positive action that will strengthen the relevance of your website and your expertise through qualitative content. With articles dealing with various subjects, you will be able to position yourself effectively on long tail keywords, which will gain you visibility and thus increase traffic to your website.


Some Tips For A Successful Business Blog

The more your blog will be visible to search engines such as Google, the more visits you will have. FACILITATE CONVERSIONS OF YOUR WEBSITE Rakuten Marketing conducted a study which shows that 60% of consumers consult blogs before making a purchase. A blog will give you the opportunity to generate more conversions on your website while promoting your expertise. This relevant and reassuring content for visitors will naturally facilitate conversions and transform your prospects into customers. To push your conversions, do not hesitate to include call to action buttons in your articles (PDF download, phone call, contact form, etc.).


GAIN CREDIBILITY AND INFORM YOUR AUDIENCE See your blog as a showcase for your company news and your industry. Effective for e-reputation, blog articles allow you to spread your credibility as well as a positive and expert image in your field. Inform your customers and prospects with attractive, relevant, value-added articles and humanize your brand by responding to your customers’ issues. MORE EFFECTIVE THAN TRADITIONAL MARKETING The blog and the content marketing strategy help to create a relationship between the company and its customers / prospects. They generally conduct their own research to find information that will be useful to them, guides or advice adapted to their problems and their needs.


Let’s Discuss Your Content Marketing Strategy

With the creation of a business blog on your website, take advantage of an effective, inexpensive strategy that meets the expectations of your targets. Some tips for a successful business blog SET UP AN EDITORIAL LINE For the proper functioning of your blog, we advise you to establish an editorial calendar to have a global vision of your content marketing strategy. You will be able to schedule future articles to prepare, see those you have already produced and offer regular distribution of content to your audience. With the editorial calendar, you bring consistency to your blog and its content and make regular appointments with your customers.

VARY THE CONTENTS Vary the themes you discuss in your blog: news about your sector, your company or even presentation of your products and services. Ask yourself on which themes are you an expert and offer original, attractive and differentiating content: videos, articles, podcasts, infographics … Running out of inspiration? Brainstorming can help you put your ideas together. Do not hesitate to monitor the content offered by other players in your industry. You can also recycle old content by updating it with a touch of novelty. For example, update the articles every year with numbers or statistics. OPTIMIZE YOUR ARTICLES FOR SEO Your articles should of course be well written with an introduction that will capture the attention of your readers and neat titles.

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