We invite you to watch the replay of our webinar ” The urgency to migrate to Drupal 9 ” or to read our article ” Getting ready for Drupal 9 “. There are many solutions to create or redesign your Intranet . We have already Timor Leste Email List some of them on this blog, and we invite you to rediscover them. Among all these solutions, we will study one in more detail: Drupal 8 . On the one hand, because it has just undergone a major change (version 8), which changes it from the status of CMS (Content Management System) to that of CMF (Content Management Framework).


On the other hand, because it is a solution that can adapt to multiple contexts and needs. However, it remains to define precisely its fields of application and predilection. This is what we propose to do here. A multiplicity of contexts and typologies? Let us recall this important principle at the outset: there is not an Intranet, but Intranets. In essence, this is a solution that must be adapted to your context and your uses. Here are several fields of application in which we can evaluate Drupal for an Intranet solution . Communication communication

Because It Is A Solution That Can Adapt

This is a classic use of the intranet. It includes document management, event management, news press reviews, FAQs, Directory, Newsletter … Drupal can perfectly meet all the needs of this type of intranet. It will manage the creation of types of content (events, press reviews, news, FAQs, etc. Directory management can consist of retrieving information from the company’s LDAP. Local (simplenews) or third-party (Mailchimp) solutions , MailJet or Sendinblue) can be used for the Newsletter part. Organisation It is a slightly more evolved intranet which includes in particular

Contact management, e-learning, sales management, project / process management, Company methodology, skills mapping … Drupal can partially respond to this type of intranet depending on the organizational level you want to set up. It would then be wise to entrust him with the “content” part as well as a middle office role. This makes it possible to make the link to other more specific platforms, which touch on business needs. Administration This type of intranet is oriented towards the management of memos, procedures, trombinoscope, management of alerts / notifications, management of rooms, equipment, expense reports, leave requests, management of CVs, applications, etc.

To Your Needs In Multiple Contexts

Drupal can respond partially to this type of intranet, depending on the level of detail expected . Functions such as the trombinoscope, the management of content alerts, the management of the CV or the setting up of request forms (especially for holidays) can easily be implemented. The same goes for the procedures that we can break down into steps. The management of rooms and equipment is possible but comes down more to a custom development .

Corporate social network social mediaThis is an Intranet which makes it possible to set up a non-structural approach , facilitating work between your various collaborators without any hierarchical consideration. These spaces are not limited only to document sharing but also promote experiences and expertise beyond the framework of a specific service. There are features such as knowledge sharing, shared agendas, forums, collaborative spaces, private messaging, chatroom, webex … Drupal can respond very well to this type of request either by setting up several modules, or by setting up a specific distribution. We can cite for example Drupal Commons for Drupal 7 users, or

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