People want an open and affordable digital world with relevant advertising that respects their privacy . 69% of respondents believe the amount of personal data collected makes it difficult for them to collect privacy. This is just a quick rundown of some of the changes and new features coming to Google Ads and the Google ecosystem, but overall, the message is clear. To learn more about the announcements at Google Marketing Live 2021, we highly recommend watching the on-demand recording to learn about the upcoming changes.

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If a potential customer lands on a product page that matches their search term, they are more likely to become a buyer. Both groups rely on keywords in your title, meta description, and page copy to guide them. Below is an Switzerland Phone Number example of how search keywords are reflected on search engine results pages. That’s why a successful SEO strategy starts with finding the most relevant and valuable keywords for your website and audience. But first, what are high-value keywords? A high-value keyword is a word or phrase that has high search volume and high relevance in an e-commerce product catalog.

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For example, if you sell kitchen tools and appliances, which of the following keywords are of high value? Stainless steel food processors are relevant but have low search volume. Yeezy shoes are highly searched but not relevant to your product catalog. Baby food processors have high search volume and relevance, which means it could be a high-value keyword for you. To identify these high-value keywords, it’s important to understand how your customers search for your products. What is the key to reaching customers? speak their language Customers use many different terms to describe what they are looking for. Brands that zero in on mistakes can leave valuable traffic behind.

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