Despite the unfavorable circumstances, I am determined to keep going and improve. As I told Julio, I was never a “pure A student” and never gave me anything. Anything I achieve in life, whether it’s UK Phone Number to work hard to get it. I am proud to come from a working-class background and can happily say that this attitude and my work ethic have served me throughout my life, for which I would like to thank my parents. Don’t take setbacks to heart Well, I admit, this is one I’m still learning to do.

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When I’m committed to something I’m passionate about, I give it my all. So naturally, when I applied for jobs on LinkedIn, I could admit that I invested in every job I applied for, but that ultimately paid off. Every UK Phone Number time I apply for a position I am sure I am of my dreams, I get one rejection email, then another, then another. Every time I get a standard rejection response, I feel like I’m crushed by a ton of bricks. I would blame myself and think too much, which I honestly believe is something most students are not prepared for. I am certainly one of them.

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I applied for countless jobs before landing and all I know is, my dream job in Haarlem. One such role was a summer internship at a company, and I felt I was perfectly qualified for the position. I’m by no means a finished UK Phone Number article, I still have a lot to learn, and I feel this internship is the perfect role to do; learn. But a few days passed, and after the interview, I got that rejection email again. But this time is different and the blow is bigger.

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