Disinterested , he gives up directly during checkouts or after consulting several pages if he comes across an account creation. Some indicators: Average scroll rate: 38% (versus 48% for the average Internet user) Number of clicks per page: 4 clicks (versus 6 clicks for the average Internet user) Has the COVID-19 crisis changed the way we shop online?

According to the quarterly Netherlands Phone Number List of the e-commerce audience in France published by Mediametrie in May 2020 , the health crisis is having an impact on the way we consume online. Online purchases have indeed multiplied: 44.8% of respondents made an online purchase in the 7 days preceding the study. Among them, 90% have even made up to 1 to 3 transactions per week.

The increase in online sales is directly related e the health context: 31% of those questioned were thus able to have access to basic necessities, 32.3% explain their online purchases by having had to go through a period of confinement, ? 51.4% say that this enabled them to avoid exposure to health risks. Another interesting data from this barometer: 2 out of 3 Internet users preferred the computer to the mobile. Why ?

Because food shopping is more comfortable on large screens… Thus, 67% of food e- shoppers have used a desktop to do their shopping online . As for the average basket, it has not changed significantly but 30.2% of buyers say they spend more than before on the internet. And what about the post-COVID-19 crisis?

He Gets Discouraged Very Quickly

This health episode clearly initiated a good number of consumers to make their purchases online . 35% of people questioned recognize that confinement has had an impact on their consumption habits . The Top 15 most visited “e-commerce” sites and applications in France ( data , May 2020) Top 15 of the most visited “e-commerce” sites and applications in France The Top 15 most visited “e-commerce” sites and applications in

France – Breakdown by screen ( data , May 2020) Top 15 of the most visited “e-commerce” sites and applications in France – Breakdown by screen In the uncertain context we are going through following the health crisis, it is difficult for a company to define a profitable strategy in the long term. However, many studies tend to prove that our consumption habits have been deeply impacted .


More than ever, e-commerce with the Drive and home delivery are real supp ort for physical stores which, sometimes, are forced to close their doors. Define the objectives Once we know our audience and areas of interest well, we will be able to improve the objectives we want to achieve thanks to a clear editorial strategy.

The objectives will obviously be linked to the brand’s communication strategy. And these objectives can then be communicated more clearly on the marketing action plan . All this to ensure that the RIGHT content gets to the RIGHT target, at the right time, in the right format. All these actions carried out in parallel feed off each other and will lead to a positioning, a tone, an angle, formats, publication rates … Either a recommendation and an action plan: in short … work tools. 4. Define the rules Rules ? But which ones and why?

The Lazy Person Easily Gives Up

To ensure consistency with the brand strategy of all content produced, whatever the channels, speakers and subjects. How? ‘Or’ What ? By defining the subjects and defining the tone of voice (editorial and visual). Allied to content formats, the rules make it possible to adapt the editorial line. How? ‘Or’ What ? Define topics for speaking;

Define the tone of voice (editorial and visual); Then lay down an editorial charter and an expression charter; Establish editorial governance; Train the teams. I have not detailed in this article the necessary bridge between the rules resulting from natural referencing . With digital communication taking an increasingly important place, SEO is essential in the definition of editorial rules. More than on the form, it is in the lexical field that they will work.

We can study them in a future article. What is important to keep in mind today is that a clean and clear editorial strategy pushes a well thought out editorial line . It allows you to keep a cool head in all all communication circumstances, even a crisis . It is a strong lever alongside good brand positioning and efficient and well-designed tools.

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