Spoiler alert: This article contains Switzerland WhatsApp Number List  references to the Black Mirror series (season 3). In recent days, several projects (expected or already planned) have caught our attention for at least two reasons. They were relatively disturbing and reminded us of a few episodes from the anticipation series Black Mirror. Pollinating robots to replace bees Bees play a crucial role in our agriculture. They allow many plants to survive and thrive by pollinating them. It is estimated that a third of our diet is dependent on this species. And yet, they are now threatened with extension because of man (pesticides, global warming, etc.). “Between 1997 and 2017, the bee mortality rate fell from 5% to 30%” .

If man is de facto threatened, companies specializing in distribution are too. Some are therefore considering systems to replace bees, “just in case” . This is particularly the case of Walmart, which filed for this patent at the beginning of the month:Systems and methods for pollinating crops via unmanned vehicles . The patent describes an aerial and unmanned system capable of collecting pollen on one flower and then depositing it on another flower. In the future, the buzz of pollinating drones may replace that of bees in our cities and countryside. We can only congratulate ourselves on these technological advances, but the other side of the coin will be security.

Pollinating Robots To Replace Bees

Those who have watched episode 6 of season 3 of Black Mirror ( Hated in the Nation ) know that certain connected objects are potential cookies and that they can be hacked. We don’t necessarily want to see armies of drones rise, gathered in swarms, with bad intentions. When the social score of the Chinese prevents them from traveling Another episode of Black Mirror inspired an organization; not a company, but a Government. In the first act of the third season ( Nosedive ), citizens spend their time rating others from 0 to 5. Depending on the average obtained, people may (or may not) access certain services. Lacie, the main character of the episode, is thus refused access to a plane, because his score was lower than the minimum score allowing access.


This is exactly what the Chinese experience , from the 1 st May 2018. The President Xi Jinping said China will begin using his Social Credit System (SCS) in a month and a half. Citizens with too low a score will not be able to access trains and planes. Particularly concerned are those who have facilitated the spread of false terrorism-related information, those who have created “disturbances” on an airplane in the past, used expired tickets or who have already smoked on trains. People who have not paid their bills and employers who have defrauded health insurance will also be banned. This rule has the only merit of respecting the principles of the Social Credit SystemChinese,

When The Social Score Of The Chinese

“once untrustworthy, always restricted” . Widespread application of SCS is expected in 2020. On another note, developers have created an application called Credo . It allows people to be rated , just like in Black Mirror’s Nosedive . While the initial goal is laudable (to assess the reliability of people in financial transactions), the associated risks are far too numerous.snapcodes made it easier to add a friend to Snapchat. You can now create snapcodes to refer users to a website (like a classic QR code). You can even insert your logo to differentiate yourself! January 2017: Our Snapchat Story By sending a snap to “Our Story”, you authorize Snapchat to distribute your snap publicly, to the whole world. Some snaps published in “Our Story” are collected in public stories linked to events or places.

January 2017: search on Snapchat New: on all the screens of the Snapchat application (camera, chat, Discover, etc.), a search bar makes it easy to contact friends. You can also add new friends with one click and search for media stories posted on Discover. December 2016: games on Snapchat Since the end of 2016, some lenses are actually real games on Snapchat. Some of these games are sponsored by brands, the application also publishes a case study to prove the effectiveness of this new format. December 2016: Snapchat discussion groups You can send snaps to a group of friends! Groups can include up to 16 people, a star-shaped emoji allows you to spot them in the chat, sent snaps do not count towards the snapstreak, and sent chats can be seen for 24 hours.

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