Putting up your flag online is the best way to get more traffic to your business. Most people go online to find out about companies before they buy. Without an online presence, you miss out on many opportunities to expand your customer base. There are a number of website building tools available to beginners. You can Botswana Email List your job even easier by skipping the features you don’t need and focusing on simplicity. To create a functional website with a clear and aesthetic design, find out which format best suits your business. Static website A static site is the easiest option if you don’t sell anything online or don’t update your content often. A static site only changes when you upload new content to the server.

Its role is to greet customers who find you online and give them insight into what your business has to offer them. Here is the minimum required on a static business website: A home page with a call-to-action that motivates to deal with you An About page that convincingly tells your brand and features your credentials A summary of the services you provide and how they benefit customers The mailing address of your business or the address of your point of sale or offices (if applicable) Some photos of your business and customer testimonials to strengthen your credibility Your contact details and social media details Static sites are generally economical and require little maintenance. Since these sites don’t change, they’re generally quick to load and less likely to cause problems for customers.


Photo Gallery: Post High Quality Photos Of Your Work

Create your own site today with our website builder . Corporate Blog Blogs are an effective way to build credibility by offering free information to potential customers. You can use them to interact directly with readers and attract new subscribers. Many sites offer a preformatted blog that allows you to add content easily. To publish an article, just add text and photos. You can have a blog on a full-fledged site or place it in a subdomain of your main site. Whether blogging is your main activity or part of your marketing plan, having a well-formatted site is essential. A blog should be organized by dates and tags. You should be able to easily find the information you are looking for on a specific topic. You can get creative and use widgets to include polls and other interactive elements.


Portfolio website If you’re an artist, writer, or self-entrepreneur, a portfolio site can make a compelling resume. A portfolio will allow you to link your various fields of experience and promote your skills in one place. For example, many consultants combine their hobbies and talents with their business experience in order to shape a new career. To weave a cohesive story, make a list of the skills you want to showcase. Then think about the best way to demonstrate your skills quickly and effectively. Here are some suggestions: Audio / Video: Offer samples of your shows, songs, video productions, etc. Press Releases: Share media coverage of events you have organized or attended. (eg websites, artwork, salon services).



Restaurant site with online ordering

Testimonials: Customer testimonials provide proof of the results your business has achieved. Textual content: Show off your books and include PDFs or links to your written articles. News / Appearances: Keep visitors posted on your upcoming performances or other upcoming events. E-commerce site An e-commerce site allows you to display your products and accept payments. An online store gives you the ability to reach a large audience and sell at any time of the day. An e-commerce platform is a dynamic type site. It must constantly adapt to updates as you sell products and your inventory changes. To build a functional e-commerce site, you can use plugins on platforms like WordPress.

Many sites are easy to integrate with a point of sale system, allowing better management of inventory, shipping, and customer details. If you sell online and in a physical store, your website may include features such as store delivery. Additionally, your online store can be customized to accept a variety of payment methods, such as credit cards and PayPal. An online store involves the processing of sensitive information, hence the absolute necessity of having first-rate encryption and a high-performance technical service. Showcase site A showcase site (or catalog site) can combine the properties of other types of sites, such as e-commerce sites and portfolio sites. The main difference is that showcase sites allow you to view your catalog and learn more about the different products without purchasing directly from the site.

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