It is important that you tell your customers that you are thinking of them, send your best wishes to their families and thank them for their loyalty during the past year. Year-end greeting cards are much better received than regular direct mail campaigns… as long as they aren’t too sales-oriented. The whole point of greeting cards is precisely to send greetings. To ensure Albania Email List your business greeting card does not immediately end up in the recycling bin, you need to be sure to include some essential details. Your logo. First, make sure the recipient of your greeting card knows who the sender is! Make sure your company logo is printed on the front, inside, or back of your card.

We recommend that you place it in a corner so as not to distract the reader from your thoughtful message. If you are creating a greeting card online, you can choose where to place your logo, as well as whether you need to change it or change the colors slightly to make it stand out against the festive background. A festive theme. If you choose to make an online greeting card using, you can choose from hundreds of holiday themed cards. Ask yourself which theme is best suited to the industry in which you operate.


To Include In Your Greeting Card

If you run a daycare, an animated picture or a penguin wearing a Santa hat are suitable options. If, on the other hand, you work in a consulting, lawyer or medical firm, consider a vintage note card, adorned with Christmas trees or Christmas baubles with a sophisticated aesthetic. You can also go for a card not linked to a specific party by searching for themes that consist of trees, snowflakes, or snowmen. Now is the time to get creative! If you typically use a very minimalist logo on your promotional materials, try a more complex logo to add a little variety. A thoughtful message. This is the most important component of your business greeting card. The length of your post will depend on a number of things.


If you have chosen a folded greeting card or a simple greeting card. Folded cards offer much more space to write long messages, while simple greeting cards are limited to a single area. If you plan to write the posts by hand. It may seem like a lot of work, but handwritten messages are always preferred over printed ones. Take stock of the time you have, the number of cards you plan to send, and the number of staff who could help you with this endeavor. If you write your messages by hand, it is better to keep it short. If you write them on the computer, you can expand the number of characters. Wondering what to say to your customers? Don’t hesitate to search for inspiration online! A photo of your employees. Photos aren’t just for personal greeting cards – businesses can use them, too.


For Which Holidays To Send Greeting Cards?

Start a new tradition this year: Bring all your employees, staff or team together for a group photo (bonus points for old-fashioned sweaters, themed costumes or fancy outfits) that you will include on your card. wishes. We recommend that you take the photo on a smartphone so that you can easily email it, upload it, and then upload it when creating your online greeting card. Choose the layout of your card according to that of your staff photo. On you have the option of choosing between a horizontal greeting card or a vertical greeting card. A coupon. Looking to boost sales at the end of this year or early next year? Go for a folded greeting card and slip a discount coupon into it.

Not only will your customers be happy to receive a greeting card from your business, but in addition, they will be very happy to receive a coupon that they can use the next time they visit your store or on your website. If you use this tactic, remember to use a promotional code that is different from other codes in circulation. This will allow you to track purchases more effectively and help you assess the success of this marketing tactic. Personalized stickers. This year, give your loyal customers something to fill their little shoes with by sending them a greeting card accompanied by a shiny personalized sticker .

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