The FALC is more restrictive. In order for it to reach its comprehension objectives for the greatest number of people, it must be clearly taken in hand and therefore go through ad-hoc training . A copywriter, even at ease with his pen, must rethink his knowledge and professional skills.

Plain language , on the other hand, is USA Phone Number List intuitive. It is simply a matter of using everyday language by placing oneself on the side of the reader, the user, the citizen. He puts “the church in the middle of the village” and advocates clarity, the good ordering of arguments, words and syntax used. So these are some basic editorial rules which, you will have noticed, are 100% compatible with SEO practices .

It can be used anywhere – for any type of content and target. Of course it may require a little training in order to become familiar with its principles. But its appropriation can be immediate and intuitive. Finally, we could say that we must succeed in using plain language intuitively intended for all – but that we must learn to translate a text in FALC for a specific target audience .

This is why, concerning “which to use” and “when”, it is necessary to ask a series of questions to validate the relevance of a FALC writing: What is his consultation context? (print, digital, packaging, official document, etc.) We have quickly introduced you to these writing methods. Related to digital, the rules are the same.

Who am I talking to, who is my target?

It is necessary to ask the same questions, and especially to apply them from the design work, on the titles and the titles of the pages. Confronted with SEO rules, they will make it possible to architect and punctuate the reading of content .

Which payment solution (PSP) to choose for your E-commerce site: the comparison What is the best payment solution? How to compare? Discover all the payment solutions and find the one that matches your needs. Comparing and choosing an online payment solution is not easy, especially with the multitude of offers on the market. However, a PSP (online payment solution) contributes considerably to the conversion rate of an e-commerce site. Indeed, such a device can improve (or not) the customer experience. So which PSP to choose? Discover the avenues to follow through this comparison!


Whether you own an e-commerce site or just maintain your online presence, you want to offer your customers a secure, fast and easy-to-use payment system . The chosen payment solution must therefore meet both customer and business needs. It should be protected against fraud, support a variety of payment methods , be convenient to use, and compatible with your platform.

To accept payments online and be able to process credit or debit cards, a merchant uses a payment gateway. The choice of a payment service provider suitable determines the different facilities and services: currencies that you can accept the transaction fees, the rate at which the money arrives on your merchant account and offered payment methods .

What is the intended end application?

How to make the right choice ? Once operational, it is all the more crucial to ensure that the choice and the measures implemented correspond to the needs of the users in order to bring them satisfaction and efficiency . And faced with a purchasing journey that has become omnichannel , e-merchants must respond to two major challenges around online payment:

The goal is to ensure a seamless customer experience and avoid cart abandonment . Indeed, according to Fevad, cart abandonment amounts to 75%, that is to say that 3 out of 4 consumers do not confirm their purchase. This rate may vary depending on the business sector, but generally speaking, the conversion rate for an online store is around 2%.

The payment process is too long or too complex in 26% of cases; The customer’s feeling of insecurity is felt when he has to provide his banking information in 17% of cases; There are not enough payment options in 6% of cases. Why and how to choose your payment solution? The best solution does not exist, but solutions adapted to different projects and according to a need and a targeted objective. The reflection phase is therefore essential before you start. Ask the right questions: Is my e-commerce site aimed at private customers, professional customers or both?

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