You will surely have lots of questions to know where to start. What is a web server? A URL? What is the difference between a website and a domain? How does a site exist online and where does it “live”? Performing the basic setup of a website is so easy that you can have your site up and running in a matter of hours. To get started, you need three things: A domain name for your site A platform to build and manage your website A place to host your Burundi Email List Let’s take a look at some key terms to understand how a website works. What is a website? Arrow pointing to Freelogoservices Main Navigation Menu Home page of a website with navigation bar. A website is a collection of related pages, linked together through a domain name. A website usually has a navigation bar that lists other web pages.

Each page can serve a different purpose and feature unique text and media elements. To display properly in a web browser, sites must follow standard coding and structural guidelines. There are, however, many popular website building tools for beginners, such as Squarespace or FreeLogoServices . Thanks to these tools, you can customize your site without any design skills; the platform generates the code automatically. Arrow pointing to Freelogoservices URL in search bar A domain name identifies a web address. A domain name is an address that identifies the unique online location of your website. So to speak, the domain name indicates the path to your site. When you type this name in the address bar, the browser is able to find the location where your site is hosted.


What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name is made up of the words afterA site made up of multiple pages has a subdomain for each page. For example : Main domain of the site : Blog subdomain: Subdomain of a blog article. Note that a registered domain name can exist in the absence of a website. In fact, some speculators are buying thousands of unused domain names in the hope of reselling them for a higher price. A site is only online if the domain name refers to the website and the host. It is also possible to have multiple domains referred to a single website. You can use your creativity and choose any domain name you want, as long as it’s not taken.


Find your domain name by looking for names available from a domain name registrar such as GoDaddy or Namecheap . > Useful tip: Try our domain name search tool to check the availability of domain names. You must pay an annual fee and renew your registration to own a domain name. If your domain expires and someone else buys it, you can submit an offer in an attempt to reclaim it. Be aware, however, that most sellers will charge you more than your annual fee, knowing that this area is coveted. What is a URL? Arrow pointing to Freelogoservices URL in French A URL is the complete address of a website. We have seen that a website can have more than one page under the same domain.



Publish your finished site

Each page needs a specific address to identify its location within the site. This also applies even when a site consists of a single page. A URL (Universal Resource Locator) is the complete address of a web page. What is a web host? At first glance, a website doesn’t look too complicated. Basically, however, this is made up of data and file directories. A web host stores and processes all of these files on computers called “web servers”. Many website building platforms sell domains and hosting, making it quick and easy for newbies to build a site. You can also find your own hosting service provider. We then speak of self-hosting. are the perfect example. is a blogging platform that provides site templates and hosting service. is free downloadable website development software. However, you have to pay a separate host to bring your completed site online. Here are some examples of well-known hosting platforms: Bluehost HostGator GoDaddy InMotion Hosting Your choice of host determines the cost, speed and security of your site. Choose a reliable web host with backup servers, with limited downtime. You cannot allow your business website to be exposed to unwanted failures that scare away customers. You will also have to choose between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. With shared hosting, the provider hosts multiple sites on the same server.

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