Are you spending advertising dollars without generating new customers and you don’t understand why? Is your brand struggling to be visible? Do you develop content that is not viewed? Have you ever thought about implementing a Brand Content strategy? Focus on Brand Content. Are you seeing a loss of consumer attention to your content and advertising?

The quantity of Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers List and content published every day can cause disinterest and above all distrust on the part of your consumers . In this case, we can speak of ad blindess , this phenomenon by which consumers or potential customers no longer see your advertisements on the Internet. It’s important to keep in mind that your customers are constantly overwhelmed with ads. But how to arouse the interest of its consumers ? A return to authenticity, to the human being and to emotion is essential … Far from the usual commercial discourse.

This is where Brand Content comes into the picture, bringing warmth and emotion. Your challenge is then to produce high added value content that stimulates, excites and captivates users. Increasingly present on the Internet, Brand Content is one of the pillars of a successful editorial strategy . Do you have several questions about Brand Content and how to implement it in your digital strategy ? We will explain everything to you ! What is Brand Content?

Are You Struggling To Make Your Brand

Definition of ‘Brand Content’ and context For many years, consumers have bought products on the basis of their price. Years have passed and an exclusively price-oriented strategy is no longer enough! Another argument must be found to tip the scales in its favor. This is where brand identity takes on its importance. And to make the brand shine, what better than Brand Content  ?


When we know that millions of content are published and shared every day, defining an effective and lasting content strategy in line with the brand identity is essential. The Brand Content means all strategic content produced by a brand, whether BtoB or BtoC. It is about telling a story, a know-how, to the consumer. You arouse their attention and establish a unique relationship between the consumer and your product / brand. We are thus far from the usual commercial discourse …

Success story before digital – Michelin premier-guide-michelin-brand-contentThe concept of Brand Content is not new and was born long before digital. It all started with the story of the Michelin brothers who unknowingly launched one of the greatest examples of Brand Content . They set up their famous Michelin Guide .

Visible As Well As Your Content?

In 1900, the first edition was distributed free of charge to more than 35,000 copies, a success that has not faltered since. In 1908, Michelin officially announced the end of advertising in its guides. From the 1920s, the Michelin Guide featured restaurant addresses, increasing its number of pages, but this led to the status of paid content. Until the arrival of digital, the Michelin Guide has experienced sustained growth and made an impression by offering an invitation to take the road, to tasting

Success story in the digital age – Leroy Merlin Profile picture of Leroy Merlin’s “Du cote de chez vous” Facebook page Leroy Merlin is also a good example of Brand Content. The brand is indeed the author of the program called “Du cote de chez vous”. Broadcast since 1997 every evening on TF1, this short program has ended up becoming a traditional television program in the eyes of viewers. The brand has been able to interact with consumers to convey its identity to a wide audience.

The Leroy Merlin brand then finds its strength with Brand Content, because it fades away in favor of the content it offers to consumers. They adopt a better perception of the brand and place it as a pillar of interior design. She was therefore able to see the value of creating a program whose universe she could appropriate in a privileged context, different from traditional advertising. Furthermore,on the same principle as the emission.

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