Every year, we see new shapes, colors and techniques appear on the web. The latter, influenced by technological advances and user experience, mark the world of web design . In this article, you can find the main trends on the web in 2019. This list is not exhaustive, and other trends may appear during the year! Here are the 7 main trends retained by the Myanmar Email List ID Interactive: Minimalism The typography Animations and background videos The renewal of the layout Colors Shapes and illustrations Mobile first Minimalism 2019 rhymes with minimalism, these clean interfaces send your users an image of elegance and modernity. Internet users are looking for efficiency, information must be quickly and easily accessible, minimalist interfaces are the answer to these expectations.

A classic and timeless trend, minimalism continues to find its place on the web. The audience appreciates the simple interfaces, without too much content and without too many elements, which allow less thinking about the message to be understood. If your website is well designed, no need to overdo it, users will immediately spot the information they are looking for and you will limit your bounce rate. In the age of responsiveness, clean interfaces make it easy for users to see key information, and optimize their experience on the small screen. In 2019, the animations and fade effects will make the scrolling of the pages more dynamic, to give more freedom to the content, by spacing them and highlighting white spaces, contrasts and typographies.


The Renewal Of The Layout

Emptiness is fashionable: whether it is placed between blocks of text to ventilate the layout, or to highlight elements. For a brand wishing to convey an image of elegance and modernity, minimalism is perfect. It’s up to you to work the right proportions and control your space so as not to give the impression of nothingness. Minimalism does not mean keeping things simple, very often these interfaces are difficult to set up since it is necessary to select the right information and the right elements to put forward, so that the message is clear, without falling into the “too much” empty “. Minimalist site Example of a minimalist site.


The typography In 2019, typographies are larger, more showy, bolder, take up more and more space in the world of web design and assert themselves to highlight your brand messages and images. You can be sure that your website design will be successful if you use typography. As for years, these are still among the biggest trends on the web. The advanced properties and the manipulations possible with Javascript allow the creation of beautiful graphical interfaces based on typography. Remember that your typography choices will impact users’ reading.


Shapes And Illustrations

Opting for bold characters will allow you to guide the reading, it may be interesting to put your titles in bold to highlight the main ideas that will be visible from the first level of reading. If your subtitles are more “light”, you will prioritize your information, so as to guide the user throughout the experience. In general, we advise you to use these trends on your titles, and never on your texts, to avoid penalizing reading. For your headers, you can dare anything: wider, unusual spacings, transparency, original placement … However, be careful not to overload your pages with highlighted words at the risk of losing the user in reading your platform. site typography Example of a site focusing on typography: Animations and background videos For this year 2019, interactions will be even more extensive, especially on mobile.

If 2018 showed us the possibilities of page animation on the computer, 2019 will be that of the democratization of animations on mobile. Interactions make it possible to strengthen ties with Internet users by placing them at the heart of a more engaging and impactful experience. Trends remain firmly established, accompanied by animations for more interactivity: The one page for example, which is still very successful but which must be associated with a light and fun animation that will arouse among users, the desire to continue to discover the web page.

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