There is a wide range of technologies and tools at the service of phygital , such as augmented reality, geolocation, mobile applications or connected objects. Many digital tools exist to meet the challenges of phygital Digital levers The phygital relies on various digital levers as: The e-reservation or online reservation of an item available in store without obligation to purchase.

The click and collect with the Namibia Phone Number List of one or more items online and withdrawal in stores. The store or product locator that allows the customer to locate a specific store or product. The email-to-store or mobile-to-store with vacancies advertised through email or mobile to generate store traffic. The social networks that increase the visibility of a point of sale. Physical levers The phygital also relies on physical levers such as:

The mobile application vendors to educate customers, regardless of their personal preferences, manage orders and sometimes cash in radius. Order kiosks that allow customers to order an item not available in store. The interactive windows that offer the opportunity to learn more about a product or get advice. The mobile payment to reduce pending cases and prevent the formation of queues. The reality spaces increased in order to view a product usage conditions. 3 examples of successful phygital experiences While many companies have embarked on phygital , few have to date truly transformed the customer experience .

This Is Particularly The Case In The B2b Sector

The phygital is often somewhat anecdotal or gadget. Nevertheless, some players have managed to set up real experiences with phygital . So here are some examples of well thought out phygital : Sephora It is one of the pioneers of phygital in France, it is undoubtedly one of the most successful examples of a phygital . The brand is increasing the number of digital services in its stores .


For example, advisers have CRM information on each customer on their tablet (they just need to enter their name or loyalty card). Of connected terminals also allow customers to access the entire offer Sephora. These phygital tools help improve the customer experience, with more personalization and in-store service. phigital – sephora©]

Where Several Activities Could Benefit From This Approach

Sephora Timberland Timberland has launched a new phygital store concept in New York. Customers have mini-tablets at their disposal . By scanning special labels on products, they discover all the information available on the brand’s website, as well as suggestions and recommendations for other products. Customers can also create a virtual shopping cart from the mini-tablet and send it to their email address to find it later. timberland – phygital Amazon Amazon puts phygital at the service of logistics.

Its distribution center in Bretigny-sur-Orge, covering an area of ​​80,000 square meters, has 4,000 autonomous shuttles that move products. This system optimizes the operation of the site with internal and external benefits such as better inventory management and faster deliveries. The phygital therefore offers many possibilities. Do you want to get started and switch to phygital ? Please identify your targets and their paths in order to define a relevant global strategy combining phygital and physical . We can’t wait to see the result!

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