The Financial Times also has its own club, where their reporters talk weekly Indonesia Phone Number the biggest news stories of the moment. TechCrunch-FT Clubhouse Club Clubhouse 101 Have you received an invitation but not sure where to start? Here are the basics: Once logged in, you will see the above bar at the top of the screen. this is menu. From left to right: Explore feature to search for users, keywords or rooms invite your friends Calendar where you can view upcoming events your notification your personal data.

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Each user has their own profile, followers and followers, just like Twitter and Instagram, but when you open the app you’ll see “rooms” filled with people talking about thousands of different topics people. guest room Indonesia Phone Number Twitter has Tweets, Instagram has Reels, Clubhouse has rooms. There are tons of themes and rooms you can jump into, and they’re shown to you base on a “room algorithm”. This is how Clubhouse presents you with users and topics, and depending on what you’re participating in and your settings and preferences, you’ll find the most interesting topics.

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When you click into the room, you will immediately hear. The audio (if the chat has started) and you will see the “stage” and others listening. At the bottom, you can do things like leave quietly or raise your Indonesia Phone Number and to speak between clubs. This is where the clubhouse is interesting there are many topics If you want to talk or listen to a particular topic, chances are that someone will cover it. club topic super transparent At Clubhouse, there are no DMs or text messages: instead, the conversation is always open.

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