Don’t see what you do socially as a choice, but a priority, and spend time planning with your colleagues how to maximize it in the future. Here’s what else we can do to help you. The team at Hallam recently released their Future of Digital Marketing: 2021 Edition eBook, which contains top tips, advice and predictions about the digital world, and what businesses need to consider, especially when it Senegal Phone Number to getting the most out of your PR and content marketing . We had fun writing it. Hopefully you will find it as useful as your long-term PR and content strategy planning! 5. Finally, outreach – is it a good idea to send a press release between Christmas and New Years? In short, we recommend against it. At this time of year, journalists, like everyone else, deserve a break.

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Now, we not only have Black Friday, but also its sister Cyber ​​Monday, which made £3bn last year (2019) from sales in the UK alone, with around half making purchases. But, as a brand, how can you cut through so much noise Senegal Phone Number especially when so many American companies are already leading the way? To help you stand out from the crowd, we did a little digging and put together some digital PR and social media with the help of some of the more popular contenders this November. First, if we look at digital PR, the fundamentals haven’t really changed. You still need a strong story or relevant news to get coverage from some of the top publishers.

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Keep your brand human and keep your content engaging Numbers are now a priority, not an option. How to plan to continue using it effectively after COVID-19 Journalists should rest too! Give them your PR content – including your New Year’s story – the week before Christmas – allowing plenty of time to follow up Christmas and New Years are good times of the year. Hopefully you’ll find this will help you stand out in a room full of brands trying to shout as loudly as possible. For a long time, Black Friday was not just an American tradition. It was embraced by British brands not long ago, and it continues to grow, with smaller indie brands jumping on board in the run-up to Christmas.

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