user experience (UX) has never been more important. Did you know that it is possible to map the user experience? There are also different ways of proceeding. Focus on UX mapping. Delivering an exceptional user experience (UX) has never been more important. In addition to boosting conversion, quality UX contributes to the good reputation of a company or a brand. It is estimated that 88% of users do not return to a site due to a bad user experience.

The experience of mapping Croatia Phone Numbers List to be aware of each step of a user’s journey from initial contact all the creation of a relationship in the long term. It also allows you to take a step back on the quality of your website. It is a mine of actionable information for organizations, serving their strategy and their differentiation. What is UX mapping? The mapping of the UX , also called UX mapping or UX map , is the process of creating step by step, a visual representation of the experience of users on a website. The goal is to understand their journey towards a given goal .

There can be more than one goal and more than one way to achieve them. Indeed, for the same final objective, the flow and the paths taken can be radically different. A UX map is therefore a representation of the user’s interactions in their journey . Why is UX mapping important? Having a simple and clear UX is essential for the user to perform the desired actions. The mapping of the UX is a tool for the optimization of the user experience especially useful for the work of designers and web developers.

The User Experience In Several Ways?

A mapping of the UX helps: Better understand user flows ; Have an overview of the situation at an instant T; Identify actions that are missing or superfluous for the user; View information collected on users; Find strategies to improve the offer or the way to deliver an offer; To have an objective point of view on the functioning of its site, in particular when the mapping is carried out by an external service provider. UX mapping: the essentials


The Empathy Map the User Journey , the Experience Map and Service Blueprint are among the tools of analysis of the customer experience the most commonly used. Each of these methods has its own objectives . Using them as a complement to each other is the best way to get a complete and reliable picture of user behavior .

Empathy Map, Customer Journey Map, Experience Map and Service Blueprint, various tools for UX mappingSource: Nielsen Norman Group The Empathy Map or the user’s understanding What is an Empathy Map? The Empathy Map (or empathy card ) is usually the first step in the process of mapping the UX . This method is based on the client and allows to better understand his state of mind, his motivations and his obstacles .

Do You Know That It Is Possible To Map

What can the Empathy Map be used for? Carried out for each type of user or persona , the Empathy Map is generally in the form of a map with 4 boxes on the user: what he says , what he thinks , what he feels and what he does . It’s up to you to add other elements that you think are interesting such as fears and frustrations or even user benefits . These elements can be collected during user interviews or through a survey .

This tool then serves as a reference point for the next steps. Here is a model of Empathy Map : Our own example of Empathy Map The User Journey or the representation of interaction What is the User Journey? The User Journey focuses on the journey of a user in carrying out a defined action , within the framework of a given product or service. As for an Empathy Map , the User Journey is carried out by typology of users or persona .

The all touchpoints (or contact points) are studied, the first mark to the desired action. How to use the User Journey? The User Journey is typically represented by a timeline of user goals and actions , often in columnar form. The elements of the Empathy Map help build the story. A User Journey is also based on user feedback , such as a survey , interviews or comments . user-journey-mapSource: Sketch App Sources Why do a User Journey?

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