If you’re like me, you’ll hate it at first, but you’ll gradually love it. To discuss with our team the best way to analyze your website data with Google, contact us today and set up a virtual chat. From finding new products to sell on your e-commerce site to searching for content ideas, the list of potential uses for Google Trends is endless. Here’s a quick guide to using Google Trends to benefit B2c Phone business. In this guide, we’ll cover: What is Google Trends How to use Google Trends COVID-19 and Google Trends Google Trends in action What is Google Trends? If you’ve never heard of or used Google Trends before, you’re in for a treat! Google Trends is a tool that allows you to compare the popularity of search terms and trends. It has many different features that will let you know the hottest search trends of the moment and those that have grown in popularity over time.

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How to use Google Trends Well, the good news is that Google Trends is free! Anyone can use it anytime. Just navigate to Google Trends and you’ll see the dashboard. From here you can browse top stories or enter a topic in B2c Phone search box: Google Trends Home Google Trends has a ton of different filters you can explore this data, including: country, region, city Date – hour, day, month, year, starting in 2004 categories such as arts, science, sports Search Type – Web, Images, Shopping, News, YouTube COVID-19 and Google Trends It wouldn’t be a 2021 blog without a mention of the impact of COVID-19 before we get into some of Google Trends’ more traditional apps. Since traditional search volumes for third-party tools rely on 12-month averages, we can exclude many of them during this pandemic.

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People in lockdown, shifting interests and the move to digital mean we marketers have had to adjust our strategies. This makes Google Trends an even more useful tool. An example of this is if you are in the fitness industry. Let’s use “sports bike” as a search term. The search volume you see in third-party tools may indicate that the search volume is outdated. And in Google Trends, you can see the growth of interest, see below. Exercise Bike Google Trends Data Note: Google Trends data is not the search volume data you might see in the Google Keyword Planner, but the relative popularity of search queries.

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