“To briefly explain the construction of this map, horizontally you have the progress of a project from discovery to production. Vertically, an axis that goes from the most pragmatic to the most scientific without however opposing the two. The arrows represent the most frequent links between two phases of conception. ” UX_Cartography User experience design methods Implementing a fluid user experience is complex and requires methods adapted to each context .

Audits and Estonia Phone Numbers List studies, qualitative user research, definition of personas, product vision box workshops, exploratory workshops, design workshop … the user experience design methods are numerous and varied! To discover them, watch the replay of our webinar “The best user experience design methods”: Lean UX for agile projects When development is done through rapid iterations ( agile methods ), it is sometimes difficult to combine the agility of development sprints and the reflection necessary for the work of UX.

For lack of time between each iteration, we turn to the Lean UX method . The goal is the same as for more traditional methods: to offer the best possible user experience . It is simply the working method that differs. We focus on the experience during design and less on the deliverables so that the elements generated can be used at each iteration . Thus, we are trying to make changes that improve the user experience gradually and with small touches.

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Obviously, as with any agile method, the Lean UX method involves a high level of collaboration between all members of the project team. Other related disciplines Editorial strategy / content strategy Are you wondering what the link is between your editorial strategy and a UX approach ? Organizations cannot be content with just commercial rhetoric. The intrinsic qualities of a product / service are no longer enough to convince! You need to be transparent, honest, sincere , provide evidence and show that your product meets the needs of the user.


This is precisely where your content strategy comes in . UX is based on user knowledge . Knowing your target is also knowing how to identify the words it uses, the feelings when reading a particular editorial turn and integrate them into the design process of your web interface . To write the right content for your website or application, you must be in tune with the needs and expectations of your personas and have their issues in mind.

This approach is not limited to writing your blog posts or other lengthy content. It also applies to short, or even very short, content: buttons / CTAs, menus, section titles … You now see the link with a UX approach? UX writing ux design – ux writingIn the continuity of questions of editorial strategy, it seems necessary to present to you a rather recent discipline called UX writing . The UX writing is a practice that links writing skills to UX concepts.

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It’s about drafting for the interface design. A writer, who can also be called UX writer in this specific case, works the texts in order to design an effective digital interface. Interactions are thus facilitated and the user follows an intuitive path to access the information he is looking for. We like to illustrate this practice with the typical example of the 404 error. You visit a website and click on a link. You arrive on an error page which tells you that the page you are looking for does not exist or is not available.

Usually, on this kind of page you read a message like “Error. This page does not exist …” Not very sexy eh? A UX writer would instead offer you this type of message “Oooops, you got lost!” Ergonomics We talked about it a little earlier: ergonomics and UX design are different concepts and too often confused (although very closely related). So what are the differences? Ergonomics is the scientific study aimed at designing useful and practical interfaces .

We try to achieve the best possible match between the user and the machine. It is in the field of technology and technical processes. UX aims to improve user satisfaction and loyalty . Thus, we are trying to design an interface that is the most pleasant, user-friendly, simple … You will notice that the notion of UX design includes a human and emphatic dimension that ergonomics cannot satisfy. Also read this article: How to measure the quality of the UX and the ergonomics of your website?

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