Are you looking to structure co-design workshops? How to make these workshops moments of collaboration, putting users’ needs at the heart of the debates? The UX workshops are used throughout the design process . Do you want to set up UX workshops? It is now possible to choose between 5 UX workshops . Wondering which one to choose and how each workshop can be organized into a design process? We will answer them.

Previously, we saw together Sweden Phone Number List techniques for facilitating UX workshops ( empathy map workshop , exquisite corpse …). Today, we suggest you categorize UX workshops around 5 major issues / stages in the process of building digital products or services. What is a UX workshop? UX workshops are collaborative sessions that help solve problems and move forward throughout the design of a project.

UX workshops offer the actors of a project (project leaders, project managers and UX designers) the opportunity to meet in order to generate ideas and participate in practical activities . The goal of UX workshops is to solve a problem, develop a plan, or make a decision . Usually, they organize themselves for half a day or a whole day. UX workshops encourage active participation in activities such as brainstorming , studying graphics , setting up sketches …

Do You Want To Do Ux Workshops For Your Web Project?

These workshops are essential for UX designers who need to build buy-in and collaborate with project stakeholders . Want to optimize your user experience (UX)? Deepen your skills with our file dedicated to UX methods and practices! 5-types-of-workshop-ux-adimeo The discovery workshop What is a discovery workshop? The purpose of a discovery workshop is to build consensus on the milestones and plans for the project .

Discovery workshops can be a useful tool to help stakeholders: Understand the business requirements at the start of the project; Gather existing knowledge from stakeholders; Create consent on project plans and priorities . What are the common scenarios for discovery workshops? The discovery workshops are usually held at the beginning of a project or the start of a project milestones.


At these times, it is necessary to: Understand and bring together existing knowledge to determine research plans during the project; Understand stakeholder expectations ; Build a mutual understanding of the direction of the project and its stages for the whole team; Gain insight into the larger context that may affect the project (e.g. culture and individual efforts). When should we organize a discovery workshop?

The discovery workshop can take place during different opportunities within the framework of a design process : Shortly after the project launch. The aim is to define the overall objectives and to collect existing information from customers and potential users; At the key stages of the project. During a launch phase, the core team may have focused on collecting information from other teams closely involved in the project. Timeline of the discovery workshop by Nielsen Norman Group.

Check Out These 5 Types Of Ux Workshops

Timeline of the discovery workshop offered by Nielsen Norman Groupe. What planning should be planned for a discovery workshop? When planning, you need to include project managers. Creating a formal environment is also important, using a spacious room with a chalkboard. This promotes structured discussions.

Also, it is necessary to use different methods that make it possible to understand the current state of the project , and thus to make decisions about the plans, individuals and processes that will shape the approach to the project . The empathy workshop What is an empathy workshop? The goal of an empathy workshop is to help stakeholders understand and prioritize user needs before designing a solution. Empathy workshops are used to:

Understand who are the affected customers or users ; Gain clarity on the needs, motivations and behaviors of users; Develop empathy for users. What are the common scenarios for empathy workshops? Empathy workshops usually take place at the start of a project or after initial user research has been done. They allow: Change the perspective of stakeholders to focus more on the user; Allow a user-centered attitude as the project grows; Share information from the research on users likely to influence future design directions.

When should you organize an empathy workshop? An empathy workshop, as part of a design process, can be organized: As soon as the project starts. It is important to share existing information about users with stakeholders, as this makes them think more about users; Once new research has been carried out, it is possible to share the results in order to build a new design direction for the project. Timeline of the Empathy Workshop by Nielsen Norman Group.

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