Chart proving that titles between 15 and 40 characters have the best CTRChart proving that titles between 15 and 40 characters have the best CTR. So, you have to find the right balance between a short and direct title, but a little detailed. While there may be an advantage over SEO with long title tags which can accommodate more keywords, the CTR may be lower …

Keyword rich URLs have a Bahrain Phone Numbers List CTR According to Dean’s research, URLs that contain a keyword have a 45% higher click-through rate than URLs that don’t. To analyze this, he looked at keyword-rich URLs that have a positive impact on CTR . It looked at each of the requests, compared them to the URLs, and gave them a 0% to 100% similarity index.

A value of 0% means that the two words are not at all similar, while a value of 100% means the opposite. Brian Dean ignored all punctuation marks and symbols, and treated some words the same (book vs books, etc.). He found a strong correlation between keyword rich URLs and organic CTR (p-value = 0.01). rich-keyword-in-urls-with-an-important-ctrGraph showing the link between keyword rich URLs and high CTR. While a perfect match between keywords and queries results in a high CTR , Dean’s data shows that a URL that partially matches a query can also lead to a significant increase in CTR .

Ctr The Tag Title Between 15 And 40 Characters

In addition, Google’s search engine optimization guide recalls that the URL of a page appears in the SERPs . It is therefore recommended to use URLs containing words relevant to the content of a site. Power Words can have a negative impact on CTR Adding “Power Words” to a title tag can decrease CTR . Indeed, the titles with Power Words had a lower CTR of 13.9% compared to the titles which do not contain it. The Power Words are words and expressions designed to make the titles stand out and get more clicks.


“Secret”, “Powerful”, “Ultimate”, “Perfect”, “Best”, “Incredible” … These are examples of Power Words . Despite their original purpose, Power Words decrease CTR : the-power-words-make-decrease-the-ctrGraph showing that Power Words decrease CTR. The Power Words are much more interesting to use social networks as Google. On the latter, simple titles are preferred. Emotional headlines can increase CTR Headlines that evoke emotion can improve CTR .

Stocks bearing positive (or negative) sentiment improve CTR by around 7%. the-emotion-in-the-titles-increase-the-ctrGraph showing that emotion in headlines increases CTR. Surprisingly, “emotional” titles help increase CTR , unlike Power Words . This may be because sentiment is a more nuanced metric than Power Word . It is therefore quite possible to write an emotional title without using Power Words .

According To Data From Brian Dean

Especially since, today, Power Words are seen as “clickbaits” , catchy words that do not necessarily relate to what the Internet user is looking for. Pages with a meta description have a higher CTR than pages without one Writing page meta descriptions results in a higher CTR . Pages with a meta description get 5.8% more clicks than those without a description. Even though descriptions don’t have a direct impact on SEO , Google still recommends writing a meta description for every page on a site.

The meta description must be unique. Here is the result of the CTR of the pages having meta-descriptions or not: pages-with-meta description-and-without-meta description Graph representing the CTR of pages with a meta description and the CTR of those without. You should know that, even if Google does not always use meta descriptions , the meta description of the page can appear in the SERPs . If the page does not have a meta description , Google must extract the content of the page to fill the dedicated space in the results page. This will, of course, be less appealing than a prepared meta description .

In short : The first result proposed by Google obtains a CTR of 31.7% ; The CTRs increase at the 3rd and 5th position; Going up one place in search results increases CTR by 30.8% ; Headlines containing questions have a CTR of 14.1% ; Title tags between 15 and 40 characters have the best CTR ; The rich URLs keywords have a higher CTR ; Power Words can have a negative impact on CTR ; Headlines that evoke emotion can increase CTR ; The pages have a meta description have a higher CTR than pages without one.

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