Are you looking to optimize the performance of your e-commerce site? Is the cart abandonment rate high? Visitors add products to the cart but the sales are unsuccessful? Here are some tips to reduce cart abandonment on your e-commerce site. In a previous article, we talked about how to use UX to make an e-commerce site efficient .

The user experience (UX) must Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List optimized to encourage consumers to place orders. The s efforts should continue throughout the ordering process . What is the “ cart abandonment rate ” ? This is the percentage of baskets created (for s control) that n ‘have not given rise to a sale ( order s really happened s ) . Here are 10 tips to optimize the order funnel of an e-commerce site and reduce the cart abandonment rate . 1.

Avoid surprises! There is nothing more frustrating for an e-consumer than arriving at the end of the buying tunnel and discovering, at the last moment, unforeseen costs or extended delivery times . It may seem obvious, and yet there are many brands that play with this kind of process ! Consumers don’t like surprises . In any case, not in a context of purchase

Do You Want To Optimize The Performance

The watchword is transparency . The shipping or other charges must be given as soon as possible in order tunnel. The same applies to the delivery times and the conditions of validity of a promotional code . Set out clearly the amount of the order and the potential costs additional prevents the visitor from having to think, calculate, hesitation, and abandon the purchase. In this example, Amazon details the costs, upon validation of the delivery address : the price of the items, delivery costs, VAT …


No surprises during the order ! Order Amount Detail – Amazon ExampleOrder Amount Detail – Amazon Example 2. Offer free shipping The cost of shipping is enough to make or lose a sale. The question of “free” of port is strategic in e-commerce . 75% of consumers leave an online store if the delivery costs are too high (source: Sendcloud ) The consumer declares nt as they prefer free shipping to expedited delivery .

And in most cases, the customer chooses the cheapest shipping method, even if it means waiting longer to receive their product. One of the most telling (bad) examples is the Wish ! The products are offered at prices that defy all competition. The bad surprise comes in almost adding to cart, when shipping costs are displayed . Result: the delivery costs are as important as the price of the products … Shipping costs as high as the price of the products –

Of Your E-commerce Site?

Wish ExampleShipping costs as high as the price of the products – Wish Example The consumer who adds a product to the cart is likely to judge that the price is correct. Otherwise, he certainly wouldn’t have tried to buy it. The announcement of delivery costs after adding to the cart is often a deterrent . A product whose price was correct may then seem too expensive even if the delivery costs are not excessive .

Announce the free shipping on arrival in the control tunnel (or before) may be enough to convince the consumpt eur . Some online retailers also offer a free shipping with , in return, a minimum order amount . If the client is not ready to order more to qualify for free shipping, it abandoned e his basket … 73% of French online shoppers, however, say they are ready to add additional products to their basket in order to benefit from free delivery (source: Sendcloud) It’s a question of balance!

The challenge lies in the ability of the e-retailer to offer a minimum order amount deemed acceptable p ar client for the offer is not a deterrent. 3. Simplify the creation of a customer account Most e-commerce sites require the consumer to go through the step of the account creation , including p our gathering maximum information on the consumer. C ontact addresses contact , interests and other consumption habits : the amount of information requested can quickly make the tedious account creation for the customer .

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