The workshop environment must be formal and be arranged to allow the use of creative tools (markers, sketches, etc.). During the design workshop, it is necessary to plan a sequence of cycles of rapid and timed sketches, of presentation, but also of criticism of which it is then necessary to choose a method of prioritization such as the vote by points.

After the team has Thailand Phone Number List many ideas, only one should be kept and then developed outside the workshop by the UX designers. Prioritization workshop What is a prioritization workshop? The objective of the prioritization workshop is to reach a consensus between users and teams on the most appreciated features in order to prioritize them. Prioritization workshops are used to: Classify and refine features and ideas ;

Establish a common agreement on the objectives, ideas or user groups to prioritize . What are the possible scenarios for the prioritization workshops? Prioritization workshops are beneficial when critical decisions need to be taken into account , but also when the team needs to agree on an action plan . Prioritization workshops are to be favored when:

Timeline Of The Design Workshop Proposed

There are too many competing priorities ; There is an overload of functionality on the part of the stakeholders; It is necessary to assess the value of the planned feature versions against each other; Include the users included in the process so that they give their opinion on the features or elements that they like. An animation technique based on the card sorting methodology is effective for such a workshop.


When should we organize a prioritization workshop? It is possible to set up a prioritization workshop during different moments of the project: At the start of the project, to understand how to prioritize deadlines or resources ; During user research, to bring together users in order to influence the prioritization of feature development ;

Later in the process, once the design is already underway, when it may be important to reset what was prioritized before . Timeline of the prioritization workshop by Nielsen Norman Group.Timeline of the prioritization workshop proposed by Nielsen Norman Groupe. What planning should be planned for a prioritization workshop? As always, include core team members. It is crucial to focus on activities that allow you to prioritize ideas .

What Planning Should Be Planned

These are followed by a point vote. The workshop should be structured to give each team member a chance to contribute to the final action plan . Critics’ workshop What is a critic workshop? The review workshop should be viewed as a checkpoint before the start of a new design project or during reviews. This type of workshop is useful for: Understand the extent to which the design actually adheres to the usability or design principles established by the team ;

Listen to each other’s points of view ; Discover the designs of competing products and their qualities to achieve. When should we organize a review workshop? Various times are possible to organize a critic workshop: At the start of the project, when the team tests the existing design, paying attention to the planned objectives in order to perfect it; As part of an iterative design cycle, when regular reviews keep the design on track .

Timeline of the review workshop by Nielsen Norman Group.Timeline of the review workshop offered by Nielsen Norman Group. What planning should be planned for a review workshop? A critique workshop usually operates in small, multidisciplinary groups, in which an environment should be provided that encourages sharing and open discussion . A board is needed to write down all the ideas useful for the design. It may be expected to bring back documents or drawings of the project.

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