This is essential to every business investment . It is often difficult to justify in business decision makers because. It does not possess the “money-in-money” nature of sales activation activity. You can measure several metrics, including voice share and brand penetration – but one of the easiest and most effective ways is to use Google Trends. I’ll use some of my closest Lockdown 3.0 friends Job Function Email Database as examples. If we get into “Brewdog”, a brewing company that has invested heavily in brand activation, we can see how the brand has grown over the past 5 years. brewdog Google Trends You can also use it to evaluate yourself against your competitors. little rebel Looking at the data, you can ask yourself Are your competitors’ brands growing or shrinking? Has yours been stagnant for years?

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Where are you in the wider ecosystem? Are they more popular in certain parts of the world? Are they more popular in Google Shopping, Image Search? Is your competitor’s content spreading in Google News? There are so many insights and opportunities to explore with this data, and it’s completely free! Importantly, data like this will be a game-changer the next time you try to acquire Job Function Email Database for an important brand activation campaign. 5. Big data, advanced positioning As we mentioned at the beginning of the blog, you can apply many filters and more advanced targeting methods to Google Trends. For example, if I’m building a hybrid car showroom, I want to know where the product is most interesting. Where will I make the most money?

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We can also see Priti Patel trending around border debates from March. This section is great for learning about the biggest topics in your country. In terms of what you can do with it, I recommend integrating it into your agile newsjacking strategy. If you’re looking for this guide and free templates, PR consultant Rebecca Peel has written everything you need to know about newsjacking . You can produce timely and relevant content on trending topics, or provide expert commentary to gain publicity, links, and build your thought leadership. 7. Have some fun with it! Finally, you can use Google Trends for some fun, or just to confirm some of your doubts about industry trends.

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