Your jour m project is  Canada Phone Number druk go-home-facebook. This former marketing starring joe pulizzi and robert rose can be fod on itunes and stitcher . In this “hopeful” episode, robert and I discuss the facebook journalism project, including why it’s great for facebook and not so good for the media. We also engage in a detail discussion of native advertising, share our perspective on its benefits, and explore how star magazine was criticizthe better business bureau. Our rants and raves cover big red sodas and agencies buying media companies; then we end the show with an example of the  Canada Phone Number week from james vick and vick’s floral guide. This week’s show (recorded live on january 16, 2017; duration: 0:58:41) download this week ‘s this old marketing pnr podcast . If you enjoy our pnr podcasts.

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Rate them or post a Canada Phone Number review on itunes . Today’s episode sponsor (04:13) pressly: the starter’s guide to sales enablement: it’s no secret that sales and marketing departments have a complex relationship. Each has entirely different goals, workflows, and performance measurement methods. But these services also Canada Phone Number share the same basic need: they both need the right content, at the right time, to do their job. Pressly’s getting starteguide to saes enablement explains how to align s and marketing and start creating conversion-focu content today. Download it now! Pressly-logo-black 1. Notable news and upcoming trends native advertising, content marketing will become more effective than advertising this year (09:20): a recent mediapost article shares four marketing predictions for 2017 from lon otremba, the ceo of native advertising platform.

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A growing awareness Canada Phone Number of connecting with consumers via content is often more effective than advertising. Robert and I agree that the article plays fairly conservatively when it comes to industry forecasts; however, I appreciate that otremba makes a clear distinction between content marketing and native advertisin. Am also encourage its emphasis on the importance of landing pages. A content Canada Phone Number marketing strategy? Facebook finally admits it’s a giant media company – almost (. Afalling in the ‘I told you so’ files, a fast company post outlines recent facebook initiatives pushing. It further into the realm of professional journalism – including the just-announced facebook journalism project. The company’s chief product officer as an initiative to strengthen ties with the news industry.

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