Meanwhile, its social media traction peaked after the campaign was shared on Facebook and Twitter and received over 28,000 shares and 14,000 retweets. These extraordinary numbers are not achieved through groundbreaking things, but Qatar Phone Number community-focused things. These are great PR stories, and a surefire way to get your business or brand noticed in a crowded December. So ask yourself now, what are you doing in your community? Are you supporting a charity or a cause that connects with your audience? If the answer is yes, start yelling. 2. Embrace the festivities, but remember that winter is more important than Christmas and New Years Sure, Christmas and New Years get a lot of attention, but there are still two full months ahead.

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A lot of focus (and money) goes into Christmas, but as a smaller business, wouldn’t it be more prudent to consider how your events and messages can last more than a few weeks and stop the length of winter? For example, are you able to provide data, insights and commentary on winter holidays, winter wonders, weather changes, post-Christmas consumer habits, Blue Monday, and post-lockdown Qatar Phone Number your industry – just to name a few? I’ve picked out a few compelling examples. Below is a campaign by Ocean Finance to research the most affordable European city holidays during winter. Content like this does take time, but I can give you another example that is simple and effective, and it comes all the way to you from Canada as part of a winter event! Maybe you have a product that is perfect for winter and you want to attract potential customers.

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Fowler’s Digest produces natural supplements that promote digestive health. Proving that you don’t need an all-singing, all-dancing movement to get intereste. With a simple giveaway, they ran a sweepstakes where customers simply shared their full name and email address for a chance to win. Simple at best. The business collects new leads without overburdening schedules and is able to advertise key seasonal products. Content and PR campaigns like this will ensure your business and brand remain relevant even after. The Christmas decorations are remov, and will pardon. The cheesy pun – melt your competitors who put all their eggs in Christmas in a basket. I’m not saying you have to put all the miser on me, though. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a digital holiday ad here, a personalized email campaign there, and a little Christmas creativity on your social channels. After all, we’re trying to stand out. Do not alienate yourself!

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