Unique No one can do better than you The first two points will provide any business with a good barometer of what it takes to stand out from the hustle and bustle of Christmas, but the third is more important than the first two Romania Phone Number yourself. PR is not just about the number of links you can return to your site or the amount of coverage you can get. Sure, this is a big part of it, but another big part of it is contained in what you do on your social media channels every day a place where you can control the narrative and how your audience perceives you. No one can tell your business story better than yourself and your colleagues, and it’s something we advocate not only for the holidays, but implement into your PR and content strategy throughout the year. Listed below are some quick and easy wins that will set you apart this year.

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Christmas and New Years are good times of the year. Within guidelines and rules (of course), take a good rest and spend time with your loved ones. eat delicious food. Drink plenty of mulled wine. This year has been tougher and weirder Romania Phone Number than most. More changes are on the way, though. News of a vaccine has spread like wildfire over the past few weeks. Ultimately, that means people are gearing up to get back to normal sometime in 2021 (whatever that is). That said, time is on your side, so use Christmas and New Years to try not only to stand out now, but well into the future. Whatever happens, digital is here to stay and will continue to be the backbone of the business.

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Interact with your audience  if you get a comment on a post. Take the time to respond  positive or negative and show you care. No one wants to talk to an anonymous group. Promote user-generated content – obvious, but still a seriously underrated tactic. Make your audience part of your voice (who knows you might get a cork of PR stories from it). Think long-term – reduce promotions and provide value-adding content. My colleague Julio Taylor recently wrote an excellent article on this for The Drum , which I highly recommend you read. Get ready for 2021 take the time to strategize and plan for the future. What I hope you have learned so far in this article is long-term thinking.

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