Companies looking to engage with Gen Z on TikTok can now use TikTok ads to reach them. Activities on the platform should focus on creating interesting, shareable content. A TikTok strategy may also involve partnering with influencers and Vietnam Phone Number your content using branded hashtags. If you’re a fun brand, you might even want to take part in one of the many TikTok challenges. As of March 2020, 41% of users on TikTok were defined as between the ages of 16-24. According to Hootsuite, Instagram is Gen Z’s most popular social platform for brand discovery, with 45% of teens using it to find new products. If you’re looking for more data on social media demographics, this Sprout Social post may be helpful. 3. Think about video According to Google, 85% of Gen Zers use video when researching products.

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YouTube is the most popular platform for Gen Z users looking for entertainment, and there is far more video content on YouTube than on Netflix. Gen Z also uses YouTube to relieve stress during their teenage years. Google also reported that seven in 10 people reported that watching YouTube with others helped them feel more connected. Brands looking to connect with Gen Z should Vietnam Phone Number interesting content to help them escape the stress of everyday life. Video content that helps them prepare for the future may also resonate. Gen Z watches YouTube 4. Manage your online reputation and reviews While they still prefer content similar to millennials, such as videos and blogs, Gen Z has higher expectations from brands, especially on social media.

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Millennials use three screens at a time, while Gen Z’s attention is further divided by using five screens at a time, according to Forbes. in conclusion Marketers looking to reach Gen Z need to tailor their content to suit a new generation of tech-savvy consumers. The same content and messaging used to target millennials won’t work for Gen Z. Tailor and tweak your strategy to be authentic and empower Gen Z to engage with your brand. This is an attention-grabbing battle, so your strategy needs to cut through the noise. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) represents the biggest shift in Google Analytics’ history. This is not an interface update. Nor is it something that should be rolled out without thinking. This is a fundamental shift in the way Google Analytics records data.

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