Pick the best content ideas Once you have used all of the above techniques and tools and have a complete list of content ideas that are just as interesting as each other, you will need to sort and prioritize those that are most likely to retain. the attention of your readers . Because they Tokelau Email List both impact and be relevant to be useful. Also, keep in mind that preparing content takes time and therefore money. If your content is not ROIistic enough, it will represent a net loss for your business. Take care of the quality of your content Just as you’ve picked your best content ideas, beware of the effects of news obesity. The web registers 2.5 million new blog posts every day.


So yours has to add something new or different to be noticed. So take care of your approach to stand out! Here are some things to keep in mind when creating content. For an effective content marketing strategy, good content should be : Recent and relevant Thorough Adapted to its audience Current / updated Personalized and customizable Identifiable Building loyalty … Still think you need help coming up with ideas? Don’t have time to take care of it? Adimeo supports you in building your editorial strategy , to offer you ideas for content to be disseminated in a way that is relevant to your audience.

And Failures With Your Audience Will Give You As

Toned, Blurred Image. 3D Render. Towards a keyword strategy Now that you’ve got a solid keyword list, it’s time to define a strategy that fits your goals. For example, select keywords: high traffic generators (high volume of requests) long tail (more specific for more qualified traffic) competitive (higher level of difficulty) at cost per click (for a keyword buying strategy). Here are some tools that will help you determine how to prioritize and organize your keyword strategy: Google Ads :

study of the cost per click of your requests Similarweb and SpyFu : visualization of competitor’s keywords. Yooda Insight and UberSuggest : proposal of alternative keyword phrases around your keyword Semrush and Keyword Tool : estimation of keyword difficulty and proposal of the least competitive long-tail phrases. This of course requires knowing them to effectively address your personas. Quickly, your SEO strategy will bear fruit and you will have required an investment well below the budget necessary for a paid

To Talk About It. Sharing Your Successes

SEO strategy. Indeed, if it is well thought out, the positioning of your keywords will bring you constant, lasting and exponential traffic. Of course, you will be able to support this growth thanks to the accelerating effects of a SEA strategy, notably with “paid ads” or by the implementation of a more advanced content marketing strategy going up to Inbound Marketing. Thinking of giving your SEO strategy a boost? Do you need support to set up your keyword strategy? Adimeo accompanies you. Contact us!

However, the arrival of voice search promises a real upheaval in the method of natural referencing of content . So get ready for this new era now. THE VSO: Voice search optimization We no longer present it, SEO is integrated by all marketers on the planet to reference content. But have you ever heard of the VSO? In 2016, 20% of Google searches were already carried out via voice search. And this trend is not about to end. Google & Northstar Research predict by 2020, 50% of searches via voice search. It is therefore high time to adapt the referencing of your voice application to this new search mode so as not to miss this development.

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