The idea is to get raw information that no one has discovered before you. By conducting preliminary market research, you may wish to achieve the following goals: Identify buyer personas; Research the buyer decision-making process in your market segment; understand market trends; Find out why some of your customers are turning to competitors; Assess demand for the product. Various methods are used in order to conduct primary market research and obtain first-hand information. Depending on the tasks you set up, these can be: face-to-face/phone interviews, polls and surveys (online or by mail), focus groups, experiments, etc.

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This is often taken into account when planning a business strategy. Furthermore, it is an indicator of a company’s success. Identify your ideal customers : Starting a business of any size requires understanding who your target audience is. Analyzing your prospects will allow you to define your “buyer persona. A fictional character who represents all the essential Lebanon Phone Number characteristics of a typical customer. Additionally, analytics is critical to assessing customer loyalty, allowing you to answer the question “Who buys and why?” Finally, it helps to establish competitive prices for your products, make changes to products, and optimize promotional channels and advertising strategies.

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What is secondary research? Secondary research is the process of examining research that others have already done. Since research data is often readily available to the public, the task of the researcher is to find this information, structure it, and analyze it. A typical example of secondary research is searching the media for statistics and publications on a specific topic. Retrieving secondary research data does not require leaving your home or office, preparing complex questionnaires, and talking to strangers.

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