In this article, we have gathered 5 tools that will allow you to simplify the planning of your publications on your various social networks. Here, you will be able to find their advantages, disadvantages, as well as the formulas they offer. If you want more information, and set up a social media strategy, our web marketing agency can assist you. Hootsuite Buffer Luxembourg Email Addresses Sprout Social Hootsuite Today, Hootsuite is one of the most widely used content planning tools. A pioneer in the field, it allows Community managers to plan their content on 35 different social networks! It is the tool that covers the most networks, it will allow you to gain efficiency by centralizing your publications on a single portal.

The online tool offers many publication features, performance analyzes, a campaign management tool: in short, Hootsuite is ideal for allowing you to engage your community around your brand! The dashboard, which you can share with all the members of your team (according to your formula) allows you to have an overview of all your interactions and publications. The messages you post should be tailored to the target audience you are trying to reach. Hootsuite makes this process easier since you can target your posts from within the platform to hit the right target.


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Little more, there is an extension to install on your browsers that can allow you to enjoy your experience even more: Hootlet allows you to share any content that you find relevant on all your social networks with just one click! All of your posts have their own comprehensive analytics, and you can track all mentions of your brand across all social media, thanks to a dedicated dashboard. Depending on the formulas, you can easily work with your entire team on this tool from the mobile version or the Android and iOS application! For beginners, the platform is not the easiest to learn, but it is worth spending a little time on it to discover all the features!


If your strategy is to be present on many social networks, this is the tool that integrates the most! The free version allows you to post on three social networks of your choice! The “professional” and “team” profiles can be tested for 30 days, for others, ask for a demo! For more information, and the prices of each plan, visit the Hootsuite site . Hootsuite Buffer With its modern interface, Buffer is one of the most widely used publishing programming tools on the market. By using it, you will be able to control 5 networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest. Simple and intuitive, you will learn to master the tool very easily. Use the statistics available on the platform to adapt your content, tone and communication to your audience, your publications will get even stronger engagement!


The Tool Can Quickly Turn Out To Be Expensive, If You Want To Get In-depth Analysis Or If You Need Support

Buffer provides its users with a tool allowing them to create their own visuals: Pablo. This not insignificant little extra will once again save you time in creating your posts. Like the paid version, the free version offers access to reporting tools and statistics (engagement, conversions, etc.) which will allow you to easily determine which publications are working, to best adapt your editorial line to your audience. Add your content to the queue and schedule them, they will be published automatically. For an even more enjoyable experience, install the Chrome extension, which will allow you to share all the content you want, in one click, on your social networks.

Less rich in analysis features than its competitors Hootsuite or SproutSocial, the tool turns out to be very easy to learn. You can schedule anywhere, anytime with the Buffer mobile app, and team collaboration is super easy. In case you administer a lot of social accounts with a lot of followers, and you want to respond to interactions and engage with your audience, Buffer is definitely not the best option. In addition, the free version offers few features, if you want to set up a strong social media strategy, this is not the ideal tool. Buffer isn’t the most comprehensive content programming tool on the market, but it is among the easiest to use. The pro plan can be tested for 7 days before subscribing, the premium and business plans for 14 days. To access prices and more information, go here !

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