On Google, 15% of searches are new every day. With this in mind, Google is actively working to share better real-time insights into industry vertical trends and the performance of your ads and products. Demand forecasts will also be released within the next 90 days to prepare your marketing campaigns for upcoming opportunities. Will provide better insights for Google Performance Max campaigns . Google has heard feedback from advertisers running this campaign format.

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Access to Google Performance Max beta events to expand to more institutions in 2021 optimization score Using your Optimization Score to stay on top of all available account recommendations will help you take Spain Phone Number advantage of your account’s best performance. e-commerce Retail searches tripled in 2020 compared to 2019, and Google announced a slew of new features to help advertisers in the e-commerce space in 2021. woman sitting in chair on the phone Offer page.

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Searches for discount codes on Google increased by 50% in the last year. A new Google Deals results page will launch later this year. Shoppers will be able to discover the most popular deals. Loyalty pricing and offers on Google Shopping Advertisers will be able to connect their loyalty program offers and prices with shoppers on Google. This will allow you to attract new people to your loyalty program. Price Competitiveness Report in Google Merchant Center This recently released pricing report allows you to compare your own price competitiveness with your competitors.

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