such as WordPress or Drupal for example, can therefore be part of good practices for optimizing the SEO technique to guarantee better compatibility and frequent updating of your site in connection with the permanent evolution of web standards. SITE PERFORMANCE AND LOADING SPEED all about seo technical optimization – loading speed As we recalled in our article “Website analysis: essential for a healthy site” , the loading time of a site must be reduced to a minimum! Likewise, if more than one item is broken or is working intermittently, it will put your visitors off and it’s a safe bet that they won’t be coming back to your site anytime soon.

To avoid this drama, regularly Malawi Email List your site and watch for broken elements to repair them as soon as possible! To check the health of your site, install Google Search Console ! ACCESSIBILITY AND ERGONOMICS We can never say it enough, the accessibility and ergonomics of a site are the guarantee of increasing traffic and quality. Users come and return to your site because their navigation is fluid, intuitive and pleasant . FROM “MOBILE FRIENDLY” TO “MOBILE FIRST” (including AMP format) In recent years,

And It Is Sometimes Preferable To Standardize

Google has imposed a standard for displaying “ mobile-friendly ” web pages on each website, and non-compatible websites are gradually losing their referencing. Technology developed by Google, the AMP format makes it possible to speed up the display of these pages on any mobile device. Today we are talking about sites developed in “Mobile first”, that is to say primarily for mobile media and then compatible with the traditional web format. … An optimization of the SEO technique essential to stay in the race for the first position on the search results! SITEMAP The sitemap is a useful mapping of the entire structure of your website in the form of interactive links :


pages, articles and categories are represented there. It is a practice of optimization of the SEO technique particularly appreciated by search engines to easily navigate within your site and quickly define its outlines. PAGING Another important point in the optimization of the SEO technique , when you create long content, it is sometimes useful and more ergonomic to offer pagination so as not to have to scroll forever on a single page. The “<link rel =” tag is used to organize this pagination and create links between the “paginated” pages. To illustrate this concept, it amounts to turning the pages of a dematerialized book by clicking on these generally numbered links. FAVICON Small icon sometimes unknown to the uninitiated,

Up Against Certain Constraints

but which makes it possible to recognize the open pages of your site on the bar of your internet browser. A little extra that allows search engines to index an additional element that fits into current web standards. It improves its visibility and the proven quality of your site on which nothing, not even the smallest elements, will have been left to chance … To conclude, you should always check the health of your website and its adequacy with constantly evolving web standards . A regular audit can therefore be useful to never compromise the SEO of your site . Likewise, the optimization of the SEO technique must be managed with subtlety and parsimony to avoid abuses which are particularly harmful and lead to the blacklisting of your site .

Google relies on the quality of sites to position their information in featured snippets, the recognition of the authority of the site becomes unquestionable . The benefits of position 0 for the SEO of the site are numerous: Increase in organic traffic from 100% to 500% (according to Hubspot and SearchEngineLand), Increase in click-through rate (CTR) from 2% to 8%, Privilege of positioning the optimized extract on mobile above the waterline , other natural results requiring a scroll to be displayed, Priority and unique reading of the source of the featured snippet and its content during a voice search, Viewing privileged in snippets featured URL off 1 st position in 70% of cases,

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