Careful writing of your product sheets on your E-commerce site is essential. You’ve certainly invested money to get potential customers to your product listings. For a maximum of them to buy, your product sheets must attract and convince them. The product page of an E-commerce site is sometimes the first and the last point of contact for a user with your online store. Your visitor gets there directly because it is well referenced in Google . In less than two seconds, he knows whether he will continue his purchasing journey or leave your site.

If at that point you do not Tunisia Phone Number List him the hope of a good product or he can find what he is looking for in you, the customer is lost. Product sheets are the heart of your content strategy. They must be particularly worked and find their place in your content marketing strategy . Why is it so important to take care of a product sheet? the-success-criteria-product-sheetThe product sheet is the # 1 tool for your SEO on long-tail keywords . The conversion rate is also potentially higher than for visitors who arrive on your home page. When we write content, we sometimes tend to write it first for search engines, so that it is well positioned.

Careful Writing Of The Product Sheets For Your

But remember that your content, here your product sheet, must always be written above all for your consumers. The product sheet is the first gateway to your website , and potentially the only page they will visit if they are not immediately convinced of your relevance in their context of purchase. Take care of its content ! Give your consumers the information they need to make their choice and make them want to buy your product. The quality of the visuals is the n ° 1 criterion of transformation Because your visitors are in a virtual context, they cannot manipulate your products .


It is therefore vital that they can see, see the product well , manipulate photos … and even try your products! IKEA Place, or Maisons du Monde and its “3D at Home” app, have implemented an augmented reality solution. The consumer can easily “scan” his interior and place the furniture he has chosen from the catalog. product-sheet-ikea-place Pay attention to the quality and weight of the images for mobile sites! The weight of the images has an impact on the loading speed of your pages . The FEVAD (Federation of E-commerce and Distance Selling) states that after 3 seconds of response time, 2 out of 5 visitors leave a site.

E-commerce Site Is Essential

What about the video? Numerous tests have been carried out by e-commerce players, who realized, counterintuitively, that the video had a negative effect on the conversion rate. In the case of a product sheet, the video is more intended to present advice for use . The relevance of text content The element to take care of: the title ! It is sometimes the only element that is looked at and, if it does not please and if it does not correspond to the expectations of your user, it is a safe bet that your product sheet goes by the wayside.

The title must be simple, explicit and correspond exactly to the vocabulary of the Internet user. The title of the product sheet is essential for the good referencing of your article. Thus, in the case of clothing for example, include the description of the product, but also the name of the brand. Once convinced by the title and the first visuals, the Internet user will seek to collect as much information as possible. The richness of the descriptions must: rely on exhaustive technical descriptions (in particular facilitating the establishment of product comparators), also allow, in a marketing approach, to highlight the benefits of the product (adapted to your target – hence the importance of personas ).

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