Dialogue with the web integrator can therefore sometimes prove to be more difficult and the recommendations are not always aligned with the constraints of the existing one. The generalist agency: a multi-faceted web editorial Samoa Email List Some generalist agencies offer web piloting services among a set of services. An advantage: this web editorial agency allows you to centralize all your actions with a single contributor. The editorial recommendations potentially having an impact on the technical aspects,


they are then managed directly by the agency, offering better cohesion throughout the site creation or redesign project. Some possible drawbacks: the network of editors is less extensive and its resources more limited on editorial matters. Also, the web editorial agency can act as judge and party in the strategic design of the project and its implementation. This would leave you less leeway in your strategic orientations and decision-making …

One Point Of Vigilance However: The Specialty

Sharing these performances with your “Content Factory” gives each of its members an overview of the work carried out and its quality. A strong motivation lever to invest more in it! Define an effective and impactful content strategy! How to manage your resources to better achieve your goals? To effectively manage your editorial planning, it is now necessary to organize your human resources and your tools to harmonize everything. Distribute the objectives and involve your contributors A little on the same principle as the “Agile” method , by sharing the objectives of each one with all the contributors, you allow the whole team to follow the progress of the editorial project and to coordinate. The advantage of this method remains its stimulating effect which encourages sharing and team cohesion .

Thus, although each task is assigned to its contributor, the team commits together in the same process. There is a very practical management tool to make your teams collaborate: Trello . planning-editorial-trello By creating tables, lists and maps, which can be moved around at will, the stages of realization evolve towards the final objective. Easier, more manageable and intuitive than Gantt , Trello allows you to prioritize your tasks and organize your editorial schedule flexibly by placing deadlines on a calendar . EXPLOIT THE EXISTING It is not always necessary to create new content from a blank page.

Propose A Vision And Identify The Personas

You can simply refresh existing content to bring it up to date. By this method, you select those who have proven their success by their excellent statistics. So you know your readers will be interested again. Another significant advantage is the strengthening of the SEO position of this old content. The Digital Asset Management (DAM) is an effective technical solution to simplify the process. More than a storage space, it is a real tool allowing companies to efficiently manage their digital resources using a collaborative and intuitive platform .

This solution facilitates the daily management of editorial planning thanks to the organization, enrichment and sharing of this digital data. Today, marketers and communicators can no longer afford not to distribute web content on digital channels. As an integral part of an intelligent marketing strategy, editorial planning is not just a plus. It provides structure to your drafting project and has become essential for managing your resources and achieving your objectives in a process of continuous improvement …

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