Do you know the Scrum method or the job of Scrum Master? Do you think you know everything about the role of the Scrum Master within a team? The Scrum method (or “Mêlée” in French ) is by far the most used agile methodology, and we could simply define the Scrum Master as the leader of a team that applies Scrum. But let’s go into more detail … Working in agile mode involves the presence of key players; among which, it is necessary to cite the development team , the Scrum Master , the Product Owner and the end customers .

It is easy to understand the Montserrat Email List of developers at the heart of a web project; however, some roles are sometimes not well understood or . This is particularly the case of the Scrum Master . This speaker is very often associated with the project manager for traditional methods, which is very reductive. This article attempts to define the role of Scrum Master and demonstrate how its presence is essential to the success of an agile project . The Scrum Master, guarantor of the method Infographic on the role of Scrum Master

Do You Know The Scrum Method

The agile methods are characterized by sprints and rituals. Each ceremony sets the pace for the different iterations and life within the team. This operation guarantees the constant improvement of performance and therefore the success of an agile project . This is when the Scrum Master comes in. He is responsible for this methodology and responsible for its implementation. In other words, he organizes and animates the ceremonies: the planning, the daily scrum, the sprint review and the retrospective; without being the manager of the team .


Different factors impact the course of a ritual: the difficulties encountered by the team, the understanding and communication between the different interlocutors, the results of previous iterations and ceremonies, etc. Conducting a ceremony well relies on great adaptability . A good Scrum Master does not impose a way of doing things but promotes the advancement and autonomy of the team . It helps him to progress sprint after sprint. Knowledge of the Scrum method is also an essential point to take into account. As such, the Scrum Master takes on the role of “ trainer ”. He shares his knowledge and experiences with all stakeholders.

Or The Job Of Scrum Master?

Its goal is to ensure a good understanding of the Scrum method, in particular the different roles, the ceremonies and the overall functioning. It is an important vector of adhesion within the team and a permanent driving force for the project. The project manager as the team coach As a sports coach can do with a team, the project manager ( alias the Scrum Master ) provides developers with all the necessary tools. Its objectives are to help the team to be autonomous and to promote its continuous progress . To this end, he works to create a sustainable and safe environment that brings out the best in each employee.

As a reminder, agile methods are based on individuals . Each participant must get involved, express their opinions and their difficulties. A wise Scrum Master is attentive to the team, he knows how to listen and provide answers to each member. His sense of diplomacy and pedagogy are assets to ensure harmony between the different interlocutors. As a coach, his role is not to participate but to make others play. First of all, it implies a framework adapted to the context and to the participants. The Scrum Master exposes the common goal and the function of each interlocutor; without applying the rules of the agile method without thinking.

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