In addition, with a Blueprint Service , it is possible to better visualize the interactions between customers and the company . This is especially revealing for experiences that go through multiple channels and involve multiple touchpoints that are distant in time. The best UX mapping tools There are a large number of mapping tools .

We recommend Dominican Republic Phone Numbers List following 5 solutions: Microsoft Visio It is software that can be used to create a variety of graphs and charts , from simple or complex data. microsoft-visio Custellence Custellence is a customer journey mapping tool (or Customer Journey Mapping ) very intuitive and easy to use. custody UXPressia It is an online platform that helps visualize and improve the customer experience , with several cool features like persona creation . uxpressia

OmniGraffle It is a very versatile graphics tool that allows you to create very detailed customer journey maps . omnigraffle Smaply We’re talking about visual customer experience management software here to map engagement and experiences with the business . smaply UX mapping offers a complete, pragmatic and actionable representation of the user experience . Today, customers in expecting more companies and organizations.

In Particular With A Facebook Page

The mapping UX puts people and processes in the context of the user experience . It helps to think of e their dot s view and visualize the frictions that s experiences nt . In short, it just does significantly improve the customer experience before you even start to es develop . If you would like to discover other research to conduct to better understand your users, we invite yo


Increase its notoriety by obtaining more visibility; Adopt a service-based approach by providing answers to your consumers’ questions; Bypass web advertising campaigns and the adblocking phenomenon. the-brand-content-at-redbullIn addition, Brand Content is based on the quality of the product , the relevance of the content and the value of the brand . The idea is to take into account the customer’s needs by putting them in a situation, while blurring the presentation of the service or product (as Leroy Merlin did).

The content should convey an important, entertaining and relevant message to consumers. This is an advertisement with an original approach. The Brand Content strategy allows social and sentimental links with the consumer , promoting proximity to the public without a purely commercial approach. How to succeed with your Brand Content strategy? The Brand Content strategy is based on 4 main pillars: Your targets: It is by defining and analyzing your personas that you will be able to understand what type of content will be the most suitable both in substance and in form (find our advice on this subject in our article dedicated to Content Marketing )

What Is Brand Content Used For?

Your current data: If you already have a site and / or content available on the web, nothing more concrete than looking at your data. You will then be able to analyze which pages are the most viewed, which topics are of most interest, etc. ; Your physical and digital ecosystem : A Brand Content strategy can not be successful without omnichannel, the strategy must be carried by all the brand’s channels, each channel playing a role in the user experience and in the editorial impact of the brand ;

Your editorial line: The latter must guarantee harmony between your content resulting from your Brand Content strategy . The Brand Content must agree with the personality, that is to say the “Tone of Voice” of your content. This is what gives credibility to what you offer to consumers and potential customers. brand-content-omnichannel What is the difference between Brand Content, Content Marketing, Storytelling and Inbound Marketing? There are many editorial strategies and most often, complementary.

However, it is important to understand the fundamental differences of these strategies to know which ones to adopt. The Brand Content focuses on the brand and is built around it. The brand is the main subject of the content produced from an emotional and affective perspective. It is more a question of making your brand image shine than of entering into real communication with your audience. The Content Marketing meanwhile clears the brand to focus its content on useful subjects known to the consumer / customer / user.

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