Everyone dreams of freedom, and Saint Kitts and Nevis Email List  reedom is often synonymous with entrepreneurship, in the minds of many. Do what you want, when you want, no longer having constraints, no more accountability, it’s great: I undertake and I will become free. But in the end, are we really? Entrepreneurship means making bank loans, mortgaging your house, experiencing personal stress, even for your family, having a stomach ache regularly, experiencing restless nights or even sleepless nights, suffering panic attacks … Hmm, a whole program , but we do everything to feel free. Entrepreneurship also means facing the constraints of its market, its customers and its teams. It means being obliged to be good all the time, not having the right to have doubts,

nor to slacken it. We will always have to have the fishing, the desire, the strength to “pull the plow” and make yourself available to others, listen to them, and recover the problems of each (what we call “the monkey of each” ). Unfortunately, the joys are not shared with him. If he wants to know them, he’ll have to go find them. Entrepreneurship, seen from this aspect, is a dream but these are elements that every entrepreneur has known, or still knows. No time to read this article? I will summarize everything for you in this video! What happiness to live Fortunately

The Dream Of Freedom

this freedom nourishes and brings many satisfactions, gives pleasure, joys, and the feeling of duty accomplished. What an outcome to see transformed his vision, his dream, into reality! What a joy to experience it with your teams, to share it with your loved ones (and to make them suffer from our euphoria ). An entrepreneur is not an extra-terrestrial, he is a human like everyone else, an enthusiast, and like everyone, he needs to take a break, to relax . When we see him from the outside, our brain tells us the story we want to hear, not necessarily the one he is living: “he looks cool, he likes to laugh, he is in love. sneakers, I would like so much to have his life, it looks great and easy


We do not imagine, the leader is a human And yet, his life is not what we imagine. The manager’s isolation means being often alone to make important decisions , constantly taking risks when he had thought he had done the most difficult, undergoing stress again, or even resetting the counters by resetting cause what he took years to build, because he is convinced that it is this new path that must be taken. But he’s a human, like everyone else: he would like to go further, to go higher, but sometimes… he can no longer do it. Less gas, less desire, he has been pulling the ship for 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, he is working hard, but is getting tired of all this energy which is dwindling over the years and which prevents

What Happiness To Live

him from take their baby where they want. His company has an average size, 20, 30, 50 people, that’s good, everyone admires him in his ecosystem, but for all that this size is not “human” for him. It’s too big to be “cool” and too small to have the financial means to structure itself. Above all, a leader must manage everything: The production, The business Communication Administrative procedures Finances, Human resources. It can be exciting when you make it your job, but the leader has to be on all fronts, a true Superman. Whether he’s trained for it or not, likes it or not, he needs to be on top of everything. Mechanically, all these subjects bring him back to being hyper-operational

to limit the time for his company’s strategy and therefore for its development. With these permanent constraints, for years, it is the guarantee of getting tired, of wearing out (or even of destroying his health), since the company relies only on him. He became a prisoner of his own business, the one he had dreamed of so much ☹ He is locked in the magnificent golden cage of the ruler. Illustration – Character in costume with a cage instead of the head But what solutions are available to him? Continue and not change anything? How long will he be able to hold out? In what state will it end up? Calm the game? It’s starting to give up on your dream, it’s endangering your business for the future, it’s taking your own teams hostage, who have given so much to develop it and make sense of it.

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