04 2021 The strategic plan that we are Paraguay Email List  deploying at MV Group is not to run after a target turnover or a number of employees. Our objective and our ambition are rather to develop the well-being of employees in order to serve French SMEs and mid-caps well and provide them with the best level of expertise throughout the customer journey, by being close to them everywhere in France. However, with the proliferation of technologies, the customer journey is becoming more complex. Communication, marketing, sales force, customer knowledge and its 360 vision, all of this becomes an Olympic sport. Many people talk about it, but how many actually do it?

he actions of companies are compartmentalized, far too compartmentalized. The Community Manager, has fun on social networks, marketing drives its acquisition campaigns, its SEO strategy, and everything seems good to him. Emailings are carried out with the same message, whether addressed to a VIP client or an advertising client, and on a single basis. The blog is animated by the hot news of the company, the com adjusts a little the campaigns that it is accustomed to doing, the salespeople complain about the quality of the leads while the marketing accuses them of treating them badly. During this time, the company invests more resources but without having significant results.

But One Was Missing!

T However, everyone is happy with themselves, and with good reason! The work is rather well done individually: but here it is, digital is above all a collective work . It is individual interest in the service of the collective interest. The challenge today is to de-pilot actions, to coordinate them among themselves and to ensure that they feed and enrich each other, so that each amplifies the results of the other. Hence the importance of implementing a “seamless” action, without a “bottleneck”. All actions need to be fully aligned to provide your customers with a unique experience , and to provide the business with a much higher level of performance than its competitors.


This is what we have been striving to build at MV Group for 11 years. How? ‘Or’ What ? Thanks to hyper-specialized subsidiaries at each stage of the customer journey and a transversal team, MV Group offers its customers a single point of contact, relying on each expert in the field. But one was missing! It took almost 2 years between the start of the exchanges and the closing, with one year of Covid. Regular exchanges in this troubled period, meetings, evenings which allowed us to get to know each other better and to reciprocally ensure that we share the same values, the same vision, the same desire to share a common project. Without common values,

A Social Media Communication Agency, Quézako?

we are on another type of project, which is not ours. In fact, it took almost 2 years for Julien Lemaire, the young (and talented  manager of the Tribu agency and MV Group to decide to join forces to bring more added value to our clients. Tribu is a Social Media Communication agency based in Roubaix near Lille, made up of 30 passionate talents. Julien Lemaire and Olivier Méril A social media communication agency, quézako? Tribu is a new generation communication agency whose role is to define brand platforms, company positioning, graphic identity,

The company does not end up with a strategy that it will not be able to implement, or only partially, on social networks. On the contrary, it will exploit all the opportunities that each social network can bring to it to have more performance at a lower cost. To do this, you have to be particularly creative and know the specificities of each social network inside out , master the uses and anticipate future behavior. To achieve this, it is not a question of having a few people initiated on the subject in the team, but the whole team, to make it the DNA of the agency. These are the skills that impressed us and made us want to unite to bring unique solutions to the market

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